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wizard x220

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    wizard x220 issues

    hey. i recieved my wizard in the mail a few days ago.after binding my reciever and fiddling with updating to betaflight (3.3.2)from the stock eachine setup something changed... when i tested the motors the first time all of them worked fine.after the update motor nr2 wont spin. im thinking maybe...
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    Motor doing weird stuff. Need help.

    Hello, So I just got my Wizard X220 and was really excited. When I tried to fly it did things (see video for what things). So I decided to callibrate the accelerometer. Luckily it worked and it flew like normal. Than after a crash it decided to do the same weird thing again. So I thought I...
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    What's best for learning fpv. Fatshark 101, Wizard x220 or TinyWhoop

    Okay I have built a nice drone Qav-x frame etc. And I am building another drone. Have been flying as much as I can or afford (good batteries aren't cheap). But I was thinking of getting a cheaper drone that I can use my fatshark goggles and Taranis radio to help me learn faster. The Tiny Whoop...