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03 air unit to Dji goggles V2 / I get telemetry but no video feed just the dji logo


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May 2, 2024
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Hi everyone. I need help.
I bought the nazgul evoque with the dji 03 air unit.
For some reason i can bind it all up so that i even have telemetry and can fly the drone, but i get no video. Its just the Dji logo in the background. I sent it back after a week of talking to the company i bought it off as there suggestions were exhausted and i was convinced it was broken. They sent me a video of them getting it to work, but now i have it here and im having the same problem.
The only difference is that they used dji2 goggles and i have the djiV2 goggles.
Its been weeks now and i feel ive done every freakin tutorial i can find step by step and still the same problem.
About me. I built a quad over 10 years ago and am just getting back into it. Everything is different now and i figured an off the shelf quad to dip my toes in would be a fun way to remember and get back into it.

Thanks heaps
Goggles updated to latest firmware and in the correct O3 mode?
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Unfortunately still stuck on this one.

The firmware im using is

goggles v2 1.06.0000 ( this is the rolled back firmware, Ive been advised here and there that this is the one)
03 air unit

Still just getting the DJi Logo with all the telemetry in front. No video to goggles, but Video is recording to air unit

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