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Central Ohio, Just getting started


Jun 22, 2016
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I was in the dark until about a week ago, had never even heard of FPV racing. The only drones I had seen were the extremely expensive RTF's with fancy cameras etc. I had no interest in those, but FPV racers, that I can tinker with are almost to good to be true.

I had to wait on my paycheck to order my first one, only 2 days now. But I have been flying in a simulator for about a week now. Has anyone ever flown in the HELI-X simulator? Is it anything like the real thing? just curious if I'm wasting my time.
Heyyyyyy I think anything to prepare you for camera flight is good as long as it closely resembles stick movement on your setup more important lol you won't be able to get in it without spending some money and learning to fix it when you crash... Buy a good clean setup with everything ready to go. And if your gonna do the fpv experience your gonna need a way to view it so do some research. The biggest part is the addiction you will be in a matter of days of flying. Just go fast lol
Yeah I've been looking into the different options for the FPV set up, although I think if I spend more money on this paycheck my girl will probably make me sleep in my car lol. I thought it would be good to learn to fly via line of sight first, and then transition to FPV afterwards. I just found out there is a flying club in my town, so I'm also looking into joining that.

I ended up going with a F450 clone, CC3D and a FlySky FS-i6 TX/RX just waiting for the battery to arrive now, I put it all together yesterday.

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