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Curious about FPV


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Nov 21, 2023
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I have had Phantom 2Plus, currently flying a Mini2, I have 107, but found out about FPV and have become interested in this style of flying and recording...I am curious how other regular drone pilots have found the transition...thanks in advance
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Mark, I stared out on Mini 2, Mini 3 Pro, and Mavic 3 then started with an Avata and got hooked on FPV. The experience is just different and to me more exciting. I would say start with a simulator. I bought a a good radio controller and downloaded multiple sims. I would recommend that you don’t stay with an expansive 5 inch because you will crash as you learn. I would recommend a 3 inch or 85mm like the Mobula. You can crash and try out new things and see if it sticks.
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So I found the Mobula...only about a hundred bucks...but can't tell what comes with it.....it looks like you would still need a controller and goggles...are they universal?
I started with a 3" drone I built $175, analog box goggles $150 that had poor range and lousy quality, and a $100 controller. It takes a lot of practice to learn to fly, batteries lasted 4-5 mins. I've since bought a DJI Avata, which you'll be able to fly from day 1, with incredible HD goggles and you can work up to flying manually if you care to. You could probably find a refurb Avata with the 1st gen Goggles which I have and get into it for a bit less. I bought my Avata from a friend for $850, Avata, Goggles, Motion controller, & FPV Remote. It was a really good deal. I bought 2 more batteries and some extra props.

I have a DJI P4P and an Air2s, which I use for work. I wanted the capability to offer interior fly throughs so I slowly started with the 3", now it sits on the shelf. If you can swing it, I'd go for the Avata.
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I have been doing some research, but I don't see this mentioned anywhere...can the avata fly backwards?...how about from side to side?
My curiosity cooled down a little...but the Avatas are on sale again...hard decision to go with one of them and the shorter flight times..or the Mini 4 Plus....with more than twice the flying time
Such different experiences it doesn't even make sense to compare...
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