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Been flying Since 2014. Got my Part 107 in 2021. Went Full-Time in 2023.


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Dec 11, 2023
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Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hello Everyone.

I'm excited to be part of a FPV Drone Community! I love flying and love learning and seeing all the crazy cool things this community comes up with! I think for many/most people, drones, FPV recording and drone photography is just a hobby. I have 5 - 5 Inch quads, a Taranis X9D special edition with carbon and hall sensors, FatShark Dominator SE goggles. Each of my 6 quads has different ESC's, FC's PDB's, frames, etc... I like to try new things and don't have a favorite build yet. I most fly freestyle, I do like to race and would like to do that more online and at local races.

I'm Joseph Eder, from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I'm a Full Time Real Estate photographer and drone pilot. I own/operate www.carbonflight.com. We create drone photography and video content and by we, I mean mostly me but I do know many other pilots and photographers that I can use on projects. So it sounds better to say We than Me when your talking to clients, if you do this for work!

I quit IKEA and worked a bunch of crappy production/night jobs to make any decent money and worked on becoming a drone pilot/photographer. I realized in 2021 when I got my Part 107 that I really didn't have any sort of photography/drone portfolio to show anyone to get hired as a drone pilot or photographer. So I spent the summer of 2021 building my photography/drone portfolio by taking my drone out in Minneapolis and practicing filming clips, hyperlapses, photographs and start to work on editing them as well along with editing videos. I use a cheap $20 software to edit my photographs and videos starting out. I use Abobe lightroom and and Premeire Pro to edit things.

In the fall of 2021, after getting enough photographs with a Nikon D3200 DSLR I got as a wedding present and my Original DJI Mavic Pro, I applied to the big Real Estate photography companies in Minneapolis. I worked part time and worked on my photography skills and went full time in April 2023. I work 6 days as a photography contractor for a Real Estate Photography company and do shoots for Carbon Flight about once a week.

I fly mostly my DJI Drones but working to get my FPV flying going with companies. I need to spend this winter getting my my quads running and get back into this community more!

If you don't know any other drone pilots near you, don't worry, you call anyone with a part 107 and tell them you can pay them money to fly their drone. they are going to be very excited!!!

Picture is some of my quads, my DJI Mavic Pro, a picture I took of the Lowry Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis.


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