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Funeral Home branches FPV

Was this done using a DJI Avata? Good Videos. They are well shot and smooth. That second video looks a bit smoother but is partially due to the larger size building I would think. In terms of constructive criticism, I would recommend getting as close to the walls when panning a room. It gives that grandiose feel and, if done right, gives more room for fluid movement. I personally really like starting from a lower altitude when entering a room(when applicable). That perspective change as you enter a room slightly rising before panning across always looks really nice to me. That being said, these are merely what I like to do in my style and just some Ideas to try as you progress✌️
Yes, I used the avata. Still learning the colordading.. I try to cover at least the basics of it.

Good response. Thanks for the hint. I'll definitely try to follow the advice to get closer to the wals while offering the wider panoramic view for the next time.

Might have a couple of more goggs in the next 1-2 weeks.:)
Nice videos, keep it up

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