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hello from Australia


Jun 20, 2016
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Gday guys!

So my daughter and I are embarking on a journey via drone technology~shes 3 years old lol...she will be the person I will blame for the most mishaps occured during the build..
We have choosen the robocat frame simply because it read cat or meow as my daughter refers to it!

Im in research period and the waiting of meow to arrive via

Hoping this is a mature community that embraces helping nooby newcomers with help.

Cheers dan
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Gday back to you Rob and welcome to the forum . Look around and if you don't see what you need start a post on your build .
Some very knowledgeable folks here and more joining everyday :)
Hey cheers donnie...will do..currently found the body as said..now looking to pinch a fairly decent speeded running gear..so watching alot of youtube clips and finding whats well priced and has enough go to keep a.noob happy..after that if still in love with it...got a feeling i will be...i will.lash out on top tier gear...so for the now it will be average body average running gear top controller and i think the fpv head gear can wait till ive been baptised with the first build!

I will start up my own build thread and hopefully the helpful will guide me..

Does this forum have members build section?
Maybe this is what you are looking for Rob , Builders workbench
Looking forward to your thread :)
Do I bite the bullet and look into the
taranis xd9,and dont mess about...
Hey im beginner..buy some cheap china junk..she' be rite?

Its looking taranis..is there an equivalent thats more friendly to the hip pocket..cheers gareth hale from hale and pace~ looking mod man")

Dont want to filth up the forum with threads that will get shot down by drone liferz
I'm a beginner also and post away . Nobody gonna shoot ya down ;)
If they do just smash that report button and it will be fixed but so far everyone
on here is top notch .

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