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I am trying, but.......

4 Inch Pistons

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Dec 11, 2022
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I have the FPV and the Avata. The FPV has the controller and the Avata the motion controller. I am not a fan of the motion controller. Flying with sticks is much easier IMHO. That may have something to do with RC planes from years ago. With the motion controller I have a hard time keeping the horizon level. I am starting to wonder if it is an issue with the bird and not just me. The FPV has no such issue.

Anybody else here not impressed? Or maybe want to trade your stick controller for the motion cont? I would love to hear your thoughts.
Or maybe want to trade your stick controller for the motion cont?
You say you have the FPV so you have a controller, bind it to your Avata and enjoy. MC is basically useless to me but the Avata with the RC is awesome if you have a smaller area with obstacles to play with.
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Yes. I have both and switch between the two at times. I bought the motion controller to try thinking it fit the Avata better. Even Mr. Steele was impressed.

I usually fly both on a "flight day" and the binding process going back and forth between the two has been a pain at times. Not every time, but enough to frustrate an old dog.
Been in the RC hobby for most of my adult life..Airplanes,helicopters,cars,boats and everything in between.I am used to traditional RC controllers but i gotta say,this MC paired with Avata is a perfect combo in my books.I really like the simplicity and i dont find it at all restrictive.As simple as it gets and a very relaxing flyer IMO

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