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Jungle trip around the Thai Jungle

Hey John, Happy New Year to you and your family, quick question any tips on your video capture, as your clip was of a very high quality, my DJI Avata video quality is just not as good as yours. My settings so far are as it comes out the box, I'm recording straight to the drone frame MicroSD. Maybe my issue is the free editing software that I'm using (VideoProc Vlogger). Any tips and tricks would be warmly appreciated.

I'll be posting my first edited video soon, so please comment any tips where I need to improve.
And happy NY to you, sounds like you are using the sd card from the goggles if so they are low quality to record whats going on and help you find the drone if you lose it. Just leave that one and use the one in the aircraft. I made no adjustments at all, like you, out of the box. All I did do was use the horizon or rocksteady.
Can we make this public to help others?
Let me know how you go.
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I don't think any other drone could do it. I have looked at other fpv footage and for closeness, avoidance of the smallest branches and I cannot see it. This is the best drone on this planet for this kind of flying. Tell me I am wrong. And it is unbeatable at, and here is a new word, funess.

Yes the Avata is the best funess drone in the world. But you can lose it in the thicket. :)
And I am no where near a good flyer. I recon just about anyone can create great footage with this little thing.

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