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My first analog goggles--Fatshark Scout

4 Inch Pistons

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Dec 11, 2022
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Everything DJI Digital for the nice quads, but for a change I decided to upgrade my goggles for my Cetus X that I fly around my back yard. FatShark Scout box goggles. They came in and I was able to get a display and did a few quick flights. The first thing I noticed is that ---WHILE THE PICTURE IS MUCH BETTER---the reception is not good at all. I live in a very rural area and all I have to do is fly behind the house and it goes to white out with zero picture. My cheap Cetus goggles are much better being behind obstacles. Then I noticed that I am on "race" band. Does that make a difference on range or penetration?

I am in a pinch for time right now and do not have the ability to search other bands and channels for a few days or longer. Any advice is appreciated.
Then I noticed that I am on "race" band. Does that make a difference on range or penetration?
What you must make sure of is that the frequency matches between TX and RX - There are multiple bands with X channels each, but with different frequencies. If you chose something that's close enough but a bit off it'll show a picture but with terrible performance.
Mismatched antennae? RHCP omni and internal patch on the goggles and linear on the quad? Fooled around using a RHCP IBC omni on the LCD monitor flying a quad with a linear rx antenna. More breakup and less range than the cheapo dipole. Supposedly 3dB loss with the out of phase antenna.

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