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Jack Ley

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Mar 10, 2016
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So, I have only had my racing drone a month, and am still learning how to fly it well. I also have several of those mini drones, $15-$20. One of them is a URC, that's all it says on it, not sure who makes it, but I have found that it is my favorite mini drone. It flies very nice, the controller is set up just like my 250, it even has the 3 modes of flying, and it takes a beating in a half and keeps flying. So, back to my question, the better I get at this mini drone, like going fast, turns and what not, the more comfortable I feel with my actual racing drone. Granted, the mini drone controller is much more sensitive, but the general feeling of maneuvers is the same. I liken it to a batter putting weights on his bat while he's in the on deck circle..lol. Anybody else have this experience?
Here is a pic of the mini drone...
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Nice! I have worn out ans repaired several micro drones myself. I have had the Dromida Verso, JJRC H20 & the Eachine H8 Mini. Each hace something a little different I like about it, but none are really close in "feel" to my 250 Mini drones. The Speed difference and P.I.D.'s are just not the same. I am getting tired of the Micro's and now that it is finally clearing up enough to fly, I am taking out my Mini's.

As a matter of fact, I am charging some 3S batteries now to play with my Vortex Pro tomorrow, as well as Maiden my new Fury 252 RX.
At LEAST the flying envelop is going to be different between sizes. weight and momentum are the big variables but flying a micro builds better "holy **** moments" muscle memory. when that translates to 250mm, you feel comparably in slow motion and everything smooths out. at least in my experience. you could also be realizing a difference between brushed and brushless power when you go "too micro". that ones pretty tiny. sounds cool to fly Jack!

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