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What is your experience with lipos? Have you ever had a problem?

Michael M

May 5, 2016
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What is your experience with lipos? How old are your lipos, ever had a problem? Explosions? Puffing? Still going strong?
As long as you don't massively over discharge them, don't charge on the wrong mode or fly with a dented battery you should be fine. If the battery shows any sign of swelling or dents/damage discontinue use and safely dispose of it. For added piece of mind might be worth making some sort of lipo safe. Army surplus ammo boxes work great if you drill an air hole in them to stop them bursting if you do have a lipo explosion. Although this is extremely unlikely if you have treated them correctly.
I had one old little 1S lipo swell, but it was really used. Just disposed of it (at the local battery disposal site). I've never actually had a lipo from any of my quads (Phantom 3, 210 racer, micro Inductrix) ever burst or flame out or anything.

I store my lipos in the army surplus ammo cases (such as: Amazon.com : New .50 Caliber Steel Ammo Can M2A1 Waterproof Storage Box Made in USA by Milspec Military Manufacturer : Gun Ammunition And Magazine Pouches : Sports & Outdoors ). I also put them in the lipo safe bags (this one is for my Phantom 3 batteries, other sizes available: Apex RC Products 175mmX75mmX55mm Lipo Safe Fire Resistant Charging Bag #8087 ). Probably overkill, but it wasn't that expensive and easy to do. My thinking is that if one battery explodes inside the ammo case, the lipo bags might keep the others from joining in.

I didn't think a lipo explosion could burst one of the 50 cal ammo boxes? Those things seem built to withstand way more than even a Phantom 3 battery exploding. Wouldn't drilling a hole in it allow the heat/flame/materials from a lipo explosion to escape? Just asking, never thought about the possibility of bursting one...

Hi Paul. No it won't burst one but it will reduce the pressure build up inside which would potentially ruin the rest of your batteries. Also make it dangerous to open. The small hole would let a bit of heatshrink out I guess but just keep it away from flamable stuff anyway and it will be fine.

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