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Where / what is the “arm switch” on the DJI FPV Remote Controller 2?


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Sep 2, 2022
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New Braunfels, Texas
I just received a Flywoo FlyLens 75 2S BNF Whoop HD w/ DJI O3 with PNP receiver. I have the DJI Goggles 2 and the DJI FPV Remote Controller 2.

I hooked it up to the computer and got the air unit activated. I got the goggles and controller to link. I set the “PID PROF” to 1 because I have 550mah batteries. (That’s what the slip of paper that came with the drone told me to do.)

Now I get BADRX in the goggles. The YT video by Joshua says I need to turn off the arm switch and turn it back on. But I’ve monkeyed with all of the switches and nothing seems to change.

Any clues as to what I might need to do?

I have not used Beta Flight Configurator. I was assuming / hoping it would be set up ready to go. “PNP” — right?
You'll likely have to connect to BF configurator and assign one Extremely unlikely they would configure the FC specifically for the installed receiver, manual actually says so.
Making progress… I successfully had my first crash. Lots of stuff to learn.

I’m using a M1 MBP with BetaFlight Configurator. It would not recognize my drone when I plugged it into the USB / Thunderbolt ports on the MBP. Luckily I have a monitor driven by Thunderbolt that also has a USB hub on the back. I tried one of those ports and it worked.

I figured out and set my arm switch but then was hit with a “CRASH FLIP” message in the goggles. So I went back in and configured that option. And now all that works.

BUT… now my DJI FPV Remote Controller 2 does not seem to want to take a charge. I plug in a USB cable and hook it up normally and it’s just dead… nothing. No lights. My short term plan is to just use it until it goes dead and then figure out what might be wrong. I don’t see any dirt or lint in the USB-C port. I tried different cables and different chargers.
Use something that has a USB-A port, with an A to C cable.
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