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Brushless FPV Junkie
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  • Bought a runcam Swift 2 and a new reciver so I would have better picture and be able to use SBus instead of ppm rx protocol as well as save some weight. Great picture + osd and this new reciver is so small. It's like the size of my index fingernail! So tiny! Eliminated every bit of 20grams with the receiver upgrade and now I have phenomenally better control signal resolution. Great technology out there!
    Discovered F4 Omnibus FC. My F3 boards are soooo obsolete and I never knew until I saw the future. Thanks for the OSD advice everyone. It lead me to a far better way of doing things! Upgrading my quads to F4 FC's now and using blackbox for tuning. I love seeing my FC's inner most thoughts and feelings (PID functions/PID error and Gyro readings). F4 boards have given betaflight so much more functionality!
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