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  1. Brushless FPV Junkie

    Lumineer QAV-R vs QAV frames

    So most of my builds have been on knockoff "Lumineer" QAV-R frames. I have gotten used to flying x220 frames. I noticed Carlos, (Charpu) frequently or apparently consistently flies a Lumineer QAV 250 (HX style) frame. The weather is getting cold here in the Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana tri-state area...
  2. C

    Spedix S250AQ FPV Racing Drone Frame

    I am looking at the Spedix S250AQ FPV Racing Drone Frame Kit (Spedix S250AQ FPV Racing Drone Frame Kit) and it said the wheelbase is 280mm but lists it as a 250 done. is this frame still legal in the 250 category?
  3. P

    Eachine Racer 250 - switching flight modes

    Hello, I bought an Eachine racer 250 and I have one problem: I can't switch between flight modes so I can fly only with basic flight mode. Flipping through the positions and twisting with the dials is not working. Maybe there aren't even installed other modes or I have to activate them or...
  4. S

    Mini Power Distribution Board With BEC 5V And 12V For 250-Free Test

    Hi, everyone, if this post break the rule, just delete it. Thanks. Our company provide recently has this new product. Does anyone help us to test and review this product? REALACC Matek Mini Power Distribution Board With BEC 5V And 12V For 250 Quadcopter FPV Multicopter Description...
  5. S

    Fun day with three quads....

    I took my 180, 210, and 250 quad out today to fly since it was such a nice day (70 degrees). There is a nice park not too far from where I live so the family tagged along. Kids played in the playground area and wife walked the dog an joined me afterwards. My 180 need a bit of tweaking, but...
  6. Hebrews12v2

    How to Aerial Land in your favorite gate.....

    (Subtitled: How to break in a new RMRC Gate)
  7. Chris G

    Hello from Vancouver, Canada

    Hello all, I'm relatively new to Drone racing, but my history comes from 1/10 RC Electric and Gas buggies, My son and I enjoyed these for many years. My son has since advanced to RC Sailboats, currently working on a foiling AC72 replica. I first saw these quadcopters on the web, and fell in...