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  1. G

    Avata w no remoteid FW boundd with the New Motion Controller 2 motors wont arm, now wont bind to old Motion Controller.

    I have an avata on the older fw with no remoteid and hoping to keep it that way. I got the motion controller 2 and bound it successfully but motors won't arm so I think It needs latest firmware to work. Now I want to go back yo my old motion controller but won't bind anymore.... I have 2 old...
  2. E

    Should a model work for only one binding receiver, right? (with Jumper T-lite)

    Hi, I have a question about a basic binding concept between transmitter model and drones. I have 2 drones (A and B) and 1 Jumper T-lite transmitter. The T-lite has 2 models (A & B) for Drone A & B. Both drones are equipped with the same TX receiver model, Futaba R2000SBM S bus. And I am...
  3. L


    Hello beautiful people, I just bought this little guy.. Link a beta65s from amazon. I have been reading and following others people's passages and guides, I'm lost. ahah I literally can't get my head around this thing! I tried betaflight configurations, updated the firmware etc etc. I...
  4. R

    FrSky Taranis QX7 not binding with Tinyhawk 2 D16 (solved)

    Hi All. looking for help from anyone that had this issue or knows a solution. Just received my first fpv so excuse my ignorance in all this! I am trying to learn guys. I have a FrSky Taranis QX7 - eu lbt - I updated Opentx FW today (ver 2.3.11) Tinyhawk 2 connected to betaflight and in cli...
  5. S

    Please Help - can't get BetaFPV and TinyHawk2 working

    Hi, hopefully someone can help as I am losing hair rapidly. I purchased locally here in New Zealand: BetaFPV LiteRadio 2 FrSky TinyHawk 2 BNF I am totally new to drones/quads so I read first that I need to bind them by changing the radio to D8, which I did, and then hit Bind on the radio and...
  6. K

    Problem: Mobula7 not binding to radio, Taranis QX7

    I recently bought a Happymodel Mobula7 from banggood. It's "bind and fly" however, out of the box It struggled with the whole binding part. I have a taranis QX7 for a radio. I'm fairly new to the hobby so I was wondering if anyone here had some advice. Everything else seems to work fine I'm...
  7. H

    Newb needing help!

    I just bought a torrent 110, and it has a dsmx receiver. I have a Taranis QX7 with an ORX module. I am having trouble binding the 2. This is also my first bind. I have watched several videos on binding, but I can't seem to get it right. Pleeeeeasseee help!
  8. BillDebevc

    Binding DSMX Receiver with Flip32 F4 and DXE [SOLVED]

    Hello, I am having a little issue binding my receiver to the transmitter. I am able to bind it at the Local Hobby Shop using their stuff, but not with my stuff. That is if they connect my receiver to their big controller with a bunch of plugs and using a bind plug it binds just fine. So I...