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Binding DSMX Receiver with Flip32 F4 and DXE [SOLVED]


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Sep 27, 2017
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Las Vegas

I am having a little issue binding my receiver to the transmitter. I am able to bind it at the Local Hobby Shop using their stuff, but not with my stuff. That is if they connect my receiver to their big controller with a bunch of plugs and using a bind plug it binds just fine. So I know it binds, It just won't bind using the Flip32 F4 controller.

I have searched the web and youtube to find a solution, but I have not found one that works.

I have tried using "set spektrum_sat_bind=9" and "set spektrum_sat_bind=8" in the CLI in Betaflight. I have also tried using the button on the receiver. When using the button I get the flashing light on the receiver, but it fails to bind when I hit the bind button, I then get the "I don't like you" beep on the transmitter.

Attached are images of the Receiver and Flight controller, the transmitter is a DXE and has the CleanFlight programming with 9 channels selected. I am also running the latest firmware on the F4 and transmitter.

IMG_1113.JPG fullsizeoutput_1ad3.jpeg
You are correct. but whenever you program the DXe transmitter it loses it's bind. Also I don't want to run back to the shop every time I need to bind it.
Sorry i can't help, not sure about that one. I have done the "run to the hobby shop" deal....lol. Was embarrassing, they had it bound in 5 secs, lol, i couldnt get it to bind to save my life. They got it to bind the same way i tried, said it happens all the time...lol
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Are you putting a few feet of space between the transmitter and receiver? Sometimes it won't work if they are too close to each other.

Also, if it worked with a binding plug at the shop, can you try a binding plug at home?
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The only binding plugs I have ever seen is just a 3-pin dupont servo connector with a wire connecting the two puter pins, and it plugs into the receiver.

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