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  1. W

    DJI controller (P1RC) - How to change from CE to FCC?

    I'm planning to travel to Cancun and take my FPV vista and air-unit drones with me and do some distance FPV'ing while on location. I've already researched how I can change the drones and goggles from CE to FCC in order to be able to fly longer distances, but for the life of me I haven't found...
  2. L

    Taranis QX7 Roll issue

    My controller and quad is working perfectly apart from the roll. As you can see in the video there is a huge slow smoothing to the roll which makes it unusable. As well as the stick not coming back to center quickly. I have done my best to look into Betaflight and the controller settings but...
  3. BillDebevc

    What is the "Go to" controller these days.

    I am getting ready to build the Super fast way cool quad. 250 size. I am wondering what is the "Go to" controller I should be looking at. Something with all the cool features. I currently have a Flip32 F4 controller now and am programming with BetaFlight in my 210 class quad. Its fairly good...
  4. G

    input not recieving

    hello again I just installed the FS A8S to my Wizard 220s and connected it by PPM. I could successfully connect my Flysky FS i6 to the transmitter. However, the drone won‘t recieve any input... I tried to rebind to transmitter/controller multiple times (binding worked but still no input). The...