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custom build

  1. W

    Hi! Do I buy a DJI Avata or Build a FPV drone

    Hi everyone, hope it's ok to post here, and apologies if this isn't the right area. I'm looking to get into flying FPV Drones for my business and mainly for fun too. I currently have a Mini 3 pro but could do with something more agile and something that could fly in small places while flying...
  2. N

    Micro mid-range build help

    I've been looking into building a mid-range quad that gets around 8 - 10 minutes of flight with mostly cruising and maybe some smooth acro flying. I like quads like the explorer lr 4 inch, but there's a lot on it that I don't care for, like the deadcat frame, gps, or HD fpv. I don't mind analog...
  3. A

    Custom 3d printed airframes, covers, bodies and chasis - Work with a 3d print designer - Is there a demand for this service in the FPV racing market?

    Hello, I am an industrial designer, who specializes in product development in custom fabrication with a specialty in 3d printing. I design prototypes and other limited production pieces for products, models, props, costumes and more. I reverse engineer existing components from developers and...
  4. CarolinaCarbonFiber

    Carbon Fiber CNC Services

    My brother and I are lifelong r/c enthusiast located in North Carolina and we wanted to share our CNC services to those in the drone sector. Why We Are Different Carolina Carbon Fiber specializes in converting unique ideas into reality. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by delivering an...
  5. BillDebevc

    Custom ZMR 250 built

    Armed with AutoCAD and a 3D printer and fresh after my ZMR-210 build I am starting on a very custom ZMR-250 build. I will post my progress over the next few weeks or months on this thread for those who are interested. I am looking for constructive feedback so don't be shy. I will also attach...