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dji avata

  1. G

    Dji Avata Pro View Combo for sale SOLD

    Less than an hour flown. No crashes. No dead pixels in the goggles. Including a couple extra items with this sale, a set of comfy foam sponge pad for the goggles and Original Dobo's battery strap holder (black color). Except for the extras, from DJI, the Avata bundle came to $2,009.00 Asking...
  2. I

    Flight with the DJI Avata, Goggles Integra, and Motion 2

    The new Goggles Integra and Motion 2 controller really make navigating in complex environments like the forest a lot easier. The increased precision with the joystick on the Motion 2 makes shots like the one early in this video where I orbit around myself possible.
  3. CTT Channel

    Flying over a secluded paradise...

  4. Y

    Avata or Skyliner?

    I've been thinking about this for weeks now, I'm new to FPV and looking for advice. I'm trying to choose between the Rotor Riot Skyliner FPV drone and the DJI Avata. I also have the following questions: Will the DJI FPV remote 2 and DJI goggles 2 work with both drones, assuming I buy the O3...
  5. CTT Channel

    After climbing 1260 steps...

  6. I

    Avata Forest Flight, Crash, and Recovery!

    As usual, the Avata survived without a scratch!
  7. I

    Flying through a cave behind a waterfall with the DJI Avata

  8. CTT Channel

    DJI Avata smooth short diving

  9. I

    DJI Avata flight through Covered Bridge and Canyon

    Found a fun place to fly the DJI Avata! A covered bridge and canyon beneath it at the historic Cedar Creek Grist Mill in Southwest Washington near Woodland.