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  1. A

    What is Drone Racing missing?

    Hey guys, Chuck me a few ideas on what you think Drone Racing is missing? What's the Cons, whats the Pros?
  2. E

    Greetings from Morecambe Bay

    New to this forum and to using racing drones. Not new to drones though as I have a couple of Phantoms and a Spark. Might be too old to fly these these things but I want to give it a try. They certainly are different from the other types if drone!
  3. CheFPV

    CheFPV's The Week In Flow Series

    I take all the best packs from the week prior and drop an edit with that weeks choice for tunes from Soundcloud. CheFPV Week in Flow Mix: 011 CheFPV Week in Flow Mix: 010 CheFPV Week in Flow Mix: 009 CheFPV Week in Flow Mix: 008 CheFPV Week in Flow Mix: 007 CheFPV Week in Flow...
  4. WizardX220Guy

    Miami Pilots?

    I want to make new friends in this community and I want to fly with you guys. Anyone here from Miami FL? Maybe we could have a drone meet?
  5. C

    Essex Drone Racing Arena - the best venue for drone racing in Essex

    Hi guys. I'm launching a dedicated drone racing arena on a private 3 acre site in Essex. It is fully equipped with electricity for charging, food, drink and cool background music to get the atmosphere going It has multiple race circuits with varying levels of difficulty, trees posts and many...
  6. jason-mufc9

    Looking for a drone pilot to be involved in a recorded video package!

    Hello Everybody, I am currently participating in some research for The University of Salford and have been given the task to find a DRL pilot who may be interested in taking part in a race using DRL drones. A professional drone racer would be preferable but anyone who has an interest in drone...
  7. UbiBird

    Questions about Drone Racing

    I'm noticing more and more drone racers, how does one even get into drone racing? I saw it on ESPN the other day and didn't even realize that the market was that large.