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fpv cinematic

  1. GiantAntCowboy

    Incredible Mountain Valley and Secret Cabin Discovered!

    A few weeks ago I found this incredible valley and spent 5 hours hiking around, exploring, and flying various spots. I finally finished editing the footage and wanted to share the video with you guys. Notes: - Check out that cabin(!) I'll definitely spend a night there someday soon. - The...
  2. GiantAntCowboy

    “Failsafe” in the mountains 6km (4miles) out…

    The title really says it all, but the video better illustrates the beauty of the whole event. *This footage was the result of range testing my recent DIY helical and Li-Ion battery projects. Cheers!
  3. GiantAntCowboy

    Tractors, poop, and seagulls. Let’s go!

    Just a fun video I shot of local farmers fertilizing last week. Got some very cool bird footage as well! Feedback and tips welcome! Farming in Norway part 1: I’m still testing things with the setup but the ultimate goal is to fly the mountains seen in the background this spring/summer. Wish...
  4. Dany FeelGood

    DJI FPV DRONE • Best Chase Drone?!?

    Cam Tilt 23º Freewell ND Filter #16 Manual Cam settings: 4k/60fps iso100 shutter1/120 WB5600
  5. Dany FeelGood

    DJI FPV Cruising MARINA

    Just some Cruising in the Marina. OCUSYNC3.0 is Insane GOOD!! Video Transmission is just Wowwww DJI FPV Drone & Goggles v2 Flight Time 8-10min (Manual-Flight) Rates 150-520-50 CamTilt 26° Freewell ND Filter #16 Cam-setting: Manual 4K60fps iso100 shutter1/120 WB5600