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hawk pro

  1. J

    Lost newbie

    I didn't realize that the Hawk Pro was PNP until I had already opened it. I have been all over YouTube and various forums trying to figure everything out. I have the Taranis QX7 access w/ the R9M. I've been hung up on trying to figure out what reciever I need that will work with the Taranis and...
  2. M

    Wire Dangling From Hawk Pro Camera

    I noticed a single green wire dangling from the CADDX Ratel camera on my Hawk Pro. There are two connectors on the camera PCB. A 3-pin which I assume is V+, ground and video and a 2-pin connector with a single green wire. The green wire is now dangling un-terminated. I would guess the wire...
  3. A

    Emax Hawk Pro Fysky and binding to a Spektrum ix12

    I purchased the Frysky version of the emax hawk pro. I didnt know that it would require a receiver change to work with a spektrum ix12. Does anyone know or have a tutorial on how to change the receiver on the hawk pro and which spektrum compatible receiver I should use. Any help greatly...