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  1. M

    iFlight BLITZ F7 Flight Controller doesn't boot properly

    Hi everyone, a few days ago I crashed my iFlight Nazgul5 V3. I broke fans, one arm and a motor (it is stucked but still wired), all of which are very easy to replace. Unfortunately now when i try to connect the BLITZ F7 onboard controller (v1.1) to my laptop (Windows 11) I cannot see it as...
  2. R

    Iflight Nazgûl f6 v2 6s

    Hi all, I am new to FPV and the forum so would greatly appreciate some help…I have an iflight Nazgûl F6 v2 which let off a small puff of smoke from the rear when I connected a good battery yesterday. The drone will still do its start up beeps and motor twitch when a battery is plugged in, but I...
  3. G

    TBS nano rx doesn’t turn on

    Hey, I have soldered my tbs nano rx to my IFlight succex-E F405, but when I push the bind button while I put the battery on, it doesn’t flash green, it does nothing. I am a beginner with this. What could I have done wrong?
  4. M

    New to the scene

    Brand new fpv pilot. I thought I had done enough research on everything but clearly I'm still lacking some knowledge. I bought dji goggles, iflight nazgul5 hd V2 6s with crossfire, and a tbs tango 2. Bound everything, connected to betaflight, double checked fc inputs and they match the radio and...
  5. Fast and Curious

    Smoked a 2207 when it probably shouldn't

    What do I do if I had a 2207 motor smoke (die) when it probably shouldn’t. Don’t know if the props were good but it didn’t sound any different. Betaflight and BLHeli32, Iflight Xing-e pro 2207 1800kv (on 6s), Hobbywing 30x30 f4 fc and 60amp ESC. I have the replacement but don't want to fly yet...
  6. Hummingbird.UAV

    iFlight DC5 Drone - Day 4

    Bright blue sky and 1°C with low wind made for a good time to fly the new drone. iFlight DC5 with Holybro F7 Stack and DJI's FPV system. This is my first drone controlled from the black DJI transmitter. This was another good day of practice.
  7. Hummingbird.UAV

    A Drone with something new and something old

    Finished the assembly of a new drone. iFlight DC5 with a Holybro stack that plugs directly into the DJI FPV system. Finally get to try out the black transmitter. Using all the default settings in BetaFlight. Had the Snail motors sitting in a box for over a couple of years. Really like the...
  8. SpeedBump

    BetaFlight Tune for iFlight Cinebee 4K Whoop

    Hi, Just joined the group and looking forward to some great discussions. as my first post, I’m looking for a Cinematic BetaFlight Tune for my iFlight Cinebee 4K Whoop? thank you.
  9. StevenSeagal

    iFlight Cinebee 75 HD XM+ Receiver can't bind with X-lite

    Hello Quad Pilots! I'm new in the hobby.. I finally got saved up enough money to buy my first: Tanaris X-Lite receiver iFlight Cinebee 75 HD (Bind and fly with XM+ Receiver) Fatshark HDO Rapidfire Module that's what i got told would be a really good starter kit Now the problem comes in...