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    Should a model work for only one binding receiver, right? (with Jumper T-lite)

    Hi, I have a question about a basic binding concept between transmitter model and drones. I have 2 drones (A and B) and 1 Jumper T-lite transmitter. The T-lite has 2 models (A & B) for Drone A & B. Both drones are equipped with the same TX receiver model, Futaba R2000SBM S bus. And I am...
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    Jumper T-Lite transmission distance issue

    I have used a Jumper T-Lite transmitter multi-protocol for 1.5years, and often fly drones with/without my friends. In general, I feel that transmission distance is shorter. For example; - happymodel Mobula6 1s loses the signal around 15-25m without obstacles. FrSky binding.(but expect to reach...