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  1. A

    Lipo capacity in drone spec.

    Many drone manufactures give exact capacity of a battery. For example: https://geprc.com/product/phantom-toothpick-freestyle-bnf-pnp/ https://geprc.com/product/geprc-smart-hd-toothpick-fpv/ Why this is important? "Don’t more than 4S 450mAh" - but if more what's going to happen? It is...
  2. GiantAntCowboy

    LiPo Battery Repair and Puncture Tests - Proceed with caution...

    Hey all, I was originally going to post this in the technical/build section, but figured there may be general interest/curiosity in seeing the puncture tests and disassembled LiPos. Disclaimer: Everything in this video is DANGEROUS, and the processes described require extreme CAUTION as well as...
  3. E

    Lipo Battery Short

    So I was flying the drone and the balance connector went through the rotors causing some of the leads to short. Seeing as I need a new set of underwear after the experience do I need to buy a new battery aswell? All the cells are at a good voltage - about 3.7V each so can I just resolder them...
  4. E

    Battery at 2.7V for 3 weeks. What should I do?

    I have a 4s 75C lipo battery and one of the cells is at 2.7V. I have ordered an ISDT Q6 nano thanks to recommendations from the forum but it's going to take a couple of weeks to come. In total it will have been at 2.7V for 3 weeks and I have no way to charge it until my new charger turns up. The...
  5. C

    Lipo battery help

    Hello everyone, I’ve been flying for a bit on 5s batterys and it’s nice but I wanted something more casual so I picked up two 4s Tattu Rline version 2.0 batterys. Today when I went out to fly them both reported normal voltage’s on all cells on my buzzer. About a minute into the flight my buzzer...
  6. T

    Batteries for dumbies

    Coming into the new world of FPV, I’m incredibly overwhelmed with the plethora of batteries available for all kinds of builds. What’s the difference between all of them and how would a noob be able to know which batteries are right for which quad like weight and size? Lipo, Livh, maH, v, c, 3s...
  7. G

    Stone cold Lipo

    Hi all, Just bought three new 3s Lipos (Tattu 1550 11.1v 75C). When charging them they stay stone cold, is this normal? All my previous lipos at least got a bit warm, some were red hot after charging.
  8. Jack Ley

    Ins and outs of Lipo batteries

    Hey all, if you are like me and new or fairly new to racing quads, the batteries can be a bit confusing. On my fist one, the 250 Storm, I just bought a battery the seller suggested for a newbie quad racer, but I never really understand all the stuff written on the battery....mah, 25c-50c, 2cell...