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Ins and outs of Lipo batteries

Jack Ley

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Mar 10, 2016
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Hey all, if you are like me and new or fairly new to racing quads, the batteries can be a bit confusing. On my fist one, the 250 Storm, I just bought a battery the seller suggested for a newbie quad racer, but I never really understand all the stuff written on the battery....mah, 25c-50c, 2cell, 3cell etc.. and I had no idea how the voltage affected anything. Anyway, I found a GREAT article online that explains how RC batteries are rated and how they fit with your particular RC vehicle/bird. It's not dumbed down to make you feel like an idiot, but the guy does explain everything in very easy to understand and thorough way. Just wanted to share this with everyone because it helped me immensly!! Check it out.....

Understanding RC LiPo Batteries
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Thank you for that post Jack. I really needed that tutorial.
I learned I've been charging my LiPo's unnecessary fast, and have been storing them fully charged just shortening the cells lives.
Good learning.
So much information, thank you for sharing this article. I did not realize how close I came to over discharging my lipos, thankfully my charger already knew where to stop charging at. But this will undoubtedly help in the future.
Even after all that, and reading the article twice, as you can see below, I had a bad fire in my basement while charging, I was even using a lipo bag, one of those thick silver bags that are "supposed to" contain a lipo fire explosion. Luckily I followed one rule and was home, and was barely able to put it out before it burned through the drywall. My two big mistakes, #1 I did not have any type of lipo bunker, except the bag, which completely melted. I was also just charging it in the basement in a living space. #2, I was using a cheap $20 imax charger. The battery that blew up/caught on fire, was a brand new, very nice and pricey, Tattu 4s 1300mah. It was only on the charger, and yes the proper settings, for 20min before erupting into flames. PLEASE, spend at least $75 on a decent charger, I spent right at $100 for my new one. Also, something else I discovered, a good charger has several main options....storage, fast charge, charge, balance, etc.. Remember, "Balance" stands for balance charging, it doesn't just balance them, it also charges them, and is ALWAYS the way you should charge, it is safer and your batteries will last longer. Everyone should have a lipo charging bunker, either outside or at least on a concrete basement floor (I use my laundry room) or metal table with nothing around it. Here's a couple videos to cheaply make a couple different kind, I use the ammo can method, mine is not as fancy but that's up to you to customize..lol. Enjoy, and be careful!

IMG_2028.JPG IMG_2029.JPG

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Hello Everyone,

I would like to tell you guys. When and if you charge your batteries because I have many different lipos I invested in a metal trash can from home depot when I charge my batteries I place them inside and put the top back on. If there is a fire it will stay contained in the metal trash can. I came up with the idea while charging my daughters hover board. If you don't invest in the metal trash can try and use a fireproof safe.
Trash can is good but not so sure about a safe . You don't want it air tight . Might blow up .
thanks for the link. I was happy to see that the article says it was published in december 2016 untill i saw the date of the thread. Perhaps it was undated...anyways thanks for the link, cheers

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