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long range

  1. KOEG

    Hello, im am looking a for a cheap long range drone build, i can build it, but the pre built ones are kinda expnesive

    Hello, im am looking a for a cheap long range drone build, i can build it, but the pre built ones are kinda expnesive. Max 400 eur, and 4s/6s. And it can hold a go pro. Pls help!
  2. GiantAntCowboy

    Looking for Mountain Trolls...

    Captured this video in one take, no cuts or transitions, just an exciting* run at a beautiful spot, "Troll Teeth" mountain. If you watch in 4k and look closely you might find a few trolls on the peaks... while editing I kept seeing them here and there. 🧐⛰️ hmmm *I actually lost video a few...
  3. GiantAntCowboy

    My HDZero SharkByte Journey! To the mountains?

    Figured I'd share this here as some of you may be curious about SharkByte, and interested in this project/testing. Summary: I recently purchased an HDZero SharkByte system with the ultimate goal of creating a digital FPV Mid-Long Range Mountain Surfing quad. (As an alternative to DJI which...
  4. A

    Red flashing light on R9MX receiver after successful binding

    I have flashing red led light on my R9MX after "successful binding" my R9MX with my Taranis X9D plus 2019. I followed this steps: 1) Updated my open TX firmware on the Taranis X9D to the latest version 2) Updated my R9M external module firmware to the latest LBT version 3) Updated my R9MX...
  5. GiantAntCowboy

    Incredible Mountain Valley and Secret Cabin Discovered!

    A few weeks ago I found this incredible valley and spent 5 hours hiking around, exploring, and flying various spots. I finally finished editing the footage and wanted to share the video with you guys. Notes: - Check out that cabin(!) I'll definitely spend a night there someday soon. - The...
  6. GiantAntCowboy

    “Failsafe” in the mountains 6km (4miles) out…

    The title really says it all, but the video better illustrates the beauty of the whole event. *This footage was the result of range testing my recent DIY helical and Li-Ion battery projects. Cheers!
  7. N

    Micro mid-range build help

    I've been looking into building a mid-range quad that gets around 8 - 10 minutes of flight with mostly cruising and maybe some smooth acro flying. I like quads like the explorer lr 4 inch, but there's a lot on it that I don't care for, like the deadcat frame, gps, or HD fpv. I don't mind analog...
  8. GarridoZ

    Cinematic flight in a Ice Lake!

    I parked my van near an icy lake. Record some shot with my FPV drone and the GoPro 7 BLACK. The Hypersmoth works very good. This footage is beautifull! You can check and follow my Instagram for more clips like this: Jose M. Garrido (@garriknows_fpv) • 139 Instagram photos and videos Enjoy!! :)
  9. Special flight with a huge vulture!!

    Special flight with a huge vulture!!

    Awesome sensation!
  10. P

    Long range fpv drone

    I have flown drones before but I want to get into long range fpv now and need help building a long range system as my old drone was pre built. I have a budget of £200 and would like to drone to go 2km out, further if possible. I need to know what kind of motors, antenna everything basically that...
  11. raymonFPV

    Long rang with 2.4ghz setup? VLOG 17

    I always wondered how far I can go with my 2.4GHZ setup. Last week when I visited this amazing place I decided to test that out! I ended up flying pretty far away without any issues!