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  1. G

    Mobula 7 wont rev up correctly with tx

    Hi everybody, I have a Mobula7 ELRS version, running BF4.4 and default settings from Happymodel website. It's also running Bluejay v19 on 48pwm in the ESC. Problem I have is everything seems okay in betaflight as far as receiver settings, it responds correctly to my Radiomaster Zorro, but after...
  2. D

    Mobula 7 1s Issues

    Hello, after hours of tinkering I have come to ask for help. I have a radiomaster zorro reciever and a mobula 7 1s drone that worked perfectly out of the box for a couple of months. A while ago i put in a new frame and new props. I suspect I put the wrong props on because it didn't fly... I...
  3. S

    Fpv drone bound to radio but doesn’t fly or show up in betaflight

    I’m new into fpv and I bought the mobula7 with elrs version but since I have a radiomaster boxer 4in1 protocol so I bought a RadioMaster - R81 2.4GHz 8ch Frsky D8 Nano RX and bound it to to radio it says telemetry recovered but it doesn’t fly or show up in betaflight. It was a sbus so I soldered...
  4. MMightywren

    Mobula7 motors buggered

    Hi everybody, my Mobula7 has 2 faulty motors and when I swap them around I've found there is nothing wrong with the board. Are there any good replacements around or do I stick to the original motors and where can I get them from please. Thank you
  5. G

    Mobula7 video transmission problem (EV800D goggles)

    Hi, I bought a Mobula 7 v2 DSM2/DSMX The video transmission between my Mobula 7 and my EACHINE EV800D goggles is not working. The propellers turn and the Mobula7 can stay in the air but I can't recive a video signal. Video with the problem: Does anyone...
  6. A

    Whoop frustration

    First, I bought Emax Tinyhawk II Indoor Kit. It was real fun to fly. However, after a while (a few days), it stopped to work. No visible damage. It wasn’t able to bind. I flashed firmware, did everything I could – no avail. It didn’t bind to its native radio and didn’t bind to RadioMaster...
  7. thedroneracingpilot

    Mobula7 HD cable detached

    Hi, The other day when I was changing the battery of my mobula7 HD I unintentionally pull the cable and it got detached from the white PHR2. I have zero knowledge about electronics but I believe that what I need to do is as simple as buying a new pin then connect it again. My questions are: Is...
  8. Z

    Problem Binding the Mobula 7 to QX7

    I have been struggling to get my quad into the air and think that here might be a good place to get some advice. I recently received the Mobula 7 quad. It has the XM+ receiver module which I believe uses the EU LBT firmware. I therefore flashed the this firmware onto the OS of the QX7 (it...
  9. K

    Problem: Mobula7 not binding to radio, Taranis QX7

    I recently bought a Happymodel Mobula7 from banggood. It's "bind and fly" however, out of the box It struggled with the whole binding part. I have a taranis QX7 for a radio. I'm fairly new to the hobby so I was wondering if anyone here had some advice. Everything else seems to work fine I'm...
  10. M

    Issues with mobula7 on FlySky transmitter

    Hi all, I'm having issues with getting my mobula7 craft to work with my Flysky receiver, I'd had an earlier mobula7 that didn't have these issues so not sure I've got a mad quad or if it's something I've done. Binding went like so: I get the transmitter into binding-mode, then connected one 1s...