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  1. J

    Lost newbie

    I didn't realize that the Hawk Pro was PNP until I had already opened it. I have been all over YouTube and various forums trying to figure everything out. I have the Taranis QX7 access w/ the R9M. I've been hung up on trying to figure out what reciever I need that will work with the Taranis and...
  2. F

    newbie trying to build their first fpv race drone

    I am a newbie to the fpv drone world, I have previous experience with drones(dji mavic's and stuff like that) but I wanted to get into fpv drone freestyle. I'm currently trying to pick out parts to build my own but I'm lost. A few questions I have are 1) Do you need 1 brushless esc for each...
  3. N

    Newbie needs help!

    So as the title says im new to this hobby and new to the website. Ive bought a couple of drones to get into the hobby but im not the most technical guy in the world, my most recent issue is with my Eachine trashcan, I can barely get 1 minute flights before the batteries out of juice this is...
  4. Salt n Vinegar

    G'day guys - Looking for some quick help

    G'day fellas, New to FPV and these more advanced drones in general. Thought I'd make the upgrade from flying toy quads around the house to a more outside immersive version. That said, I need help in choosing which Bflight 210 version to get, and what controller to get alongside with it. As...