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  1. Brushless FPV Junkie

    Battery voltage and current osd.

    My 220 flies great despite some crashes early on, some breaking things then fixing them, breaking more things, replacing those, soldering, upgrading and a few video transmitters being damaged in crashes and then replaced. I now have very few original parts on it and subsequently have learned to...
  2. raavhimself

    Micro MinimOSD displays Zeros

    Hello there, I am kind of puzzled because it looks like nobody has ever faced this issue before. Anyway, the story goes like this... So I got this Kingkong GT90 and it is great fun, but comes with no OSD so I banggooded a Micro MinimOSD, and it works perfectly fine until I unplug the battery...
  3. B

    Hi folks! Could anyone suggest how to wire this all together to achieve OSD and Telemetry?

    Hi everyone, I'm really new to this but basically, Im trying to get Telemtry to go to my Radio as well as get a OSD signal to my VTX. Firstly here is a quick list of the components I'm working with. FC = F3 Flight Controller Acro 6 DOF/Deluxe 10 DOF for Multirotor Racing Receiver = FrSky XSR...