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  1. L

    4 in 1 esc to 4 escs

    So basically fried my 4 in 1 esc twice now and i'm over having to replace the whole thing when it dies so I want to switch to have 4 escs purely for the convenience but not too sure what bits I need (I'm very new to fpv). I have an Eachine wizard x220s. Am I right in thinking I need to replace...
  2. M

    Looking for Flight Controler and PDB dealing with GPS gimbal FPV autopilot

    Hi! I have question with regard to choosing flight controller for racing hexacopter. My main doubts are connected with features of FC. To bring the issue closer, I will describe which functions I would like FC to have (included on board or able to connect to FC): - 6 (or more) motors support, -...
  3. B

    480 class drone build battery

    Hi i'm building a drone with these are the parts tht i want to use: MOTOR AND ESC COMBO: https://hobbyking.com/it_it/multistar-afro-combo-pack-2216-800kv-and-matched-20a-afro-esc-set-of-4-cw-ccw.html QUAD FRAME WITH PDB...