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  1. J Gold

    Looking for someone tech savvy who would like a side gig...

    Im fairly new to fpv racing I’ve flown rc choppers and planes in the past and owned a mini quad when drones were fairly new to the market. I’d like to get back into the rc game, I’m looking for someone who can help me get fully set up. New sticks, goggles and a custom built drone linked and...
  2. L

    MD pilot looking for people to fly with

    Hi everyone, My name is Chris, I live west of Baltimore out in Carroll County and am trying to find some people to fly with. I flew fixed wing with my dad for years as a kid growing up, but eventually faded away from it. Bought myself a toy drone for Christmas years ago and have accumulated a...
  3. R

    Fpv discord server

    Come join the Fpv Discord server via this link: Join the Multi Copters Discord Server!
  4. M

    Hexacopter GPS Autopilot FPV

    Hi everyone! It's my first time when I'm writing on this forum and I am a beginner in this subject, so firstly I will please you to be forgiving if I make any mistake. I'm going to build my own drone which should be light, fast and able to equip gps sensor or make him fly in autonomus mode...
  5. R

    New in SE Wisconsin and Amelia Island, FL

    I am glad to be joining this group. I flew conventional for about 30 years, then had a heart issue. I’ve been flying Phantom 3 and 4’s for a few years and am Part 107 PIC. I watched drone races a year ago and have been wanting to get into it ever since. I met a guy at the park where I fly my...
  6. M3talrocksFPV

    Hello from Vegas

    Finally it's a gorgeous day out! Minimal breeze and plenty of sun. I'll be flying in the summerlin area starting around noon if anyone would like to join for just some good old fashioned flyin'.
  7. W

    Fantail Entertainment Casting for Drone Builders & Pilots

    Fantail Entertainment in Los Angeles is casting for development of a series about competitive combat drones. We’re looking for small teams that build and fly drones - either as hobbyists or experts. Think of the this series as an 8 team bracket elimination challenge. Each week, a drone team...
  8. C

    Are these 2 items the same?

    Racerstar RS20Ax4 V2 20A BB2 48MHz Blheli_S 2-4S 4 in 1 Opto ESC Support Oneshot42 Multishot 16.5 Dshot600 Sale - Banggood Mobile AliExpress Mobile - Global Online Shopping for Apparel, Phones, Computers, Electronics, Fashion and more
  9. G

    Mattystuntz trick tutorial

    A small tutorial of a mattystuntz trick.
  10. jason-mufc9

    Looking for a drone pilot to be involved in a recorded video package!

    Hello Everybody, I am currently participating in some research for The University of Salford and have been given the task to find a DRL pilot who may be interested in taking part in a race using DRL drones. A professional drone racer would be preferable but anyone who has an interest in drone...
  11. raymonFPV

    Racing on an insane long track...

  12. UbiBird

    Questions about Drone Racing

    I'm noticing more and more drone racers, how does one even get into drone racing? I saw it on ESPN the other day and didn't even realize that the market was that large.
  13. clackey

    Allianz World Championship - Drone Racing League

    Bigger Courses. Faster Drones. New Pilots. Coming June 2017.
  14. raymonFPV

    Winter flow FPV freestyle

    New winter edit!
  15. raymonFPV

    The dark days FPV freestyle

    It's that time of year when we don't see any sun in weeks! It was a very dark and cold day!
  16. raymonFPV

    Forest flow FPV freestyle autumn edition

    Today I went back to my favorite forest! The forest in autumn always looks like a magical place!
  17. raymonFPV

    Autumn winds FPV freestyle

    It was a cold and windy day...
  18. raymonFPV

    Exploring nature FPV freestyle

  19. raymonFPV

    3 gates FPV freestyle

    On a cold and windy autumn afternoon:)
  20. raymonFPV

    Tree dancing FPV freestyle

    Check out my latest freestyle video:P