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  1. S

    Transmitter Question?

    I’m a newbie in freestyle fpv I’m looking to buy, a transmitter, googles and a freestyle drone. I wanna be able to get good video too. Some advice would be awesome. I use to fly helicopters so I know the basics. Price range is under 300 for each. Thanks
  2. T

    interference when flying near other drones?

    Planning to go soon to a local park that allows drones or RC planes to fly around. I've read that for analog fpv you have to be careful/considerate of other drone around you and on what channel you setup to not interfere with other people signal. Is there something similar to be aware with the...
  3. C

    GoPro FPV problem

    Hello all So here is the deal. Here is my equipment list: 1. GoPro Hero 3+ 2. FPV 5.8G 200mW AV Wireless Transmitter TS351 3. 3s 11.1v 800mAh Battery 4. EMAX Transporter FPV Boxed Goggles 5.8G 5. Apex RC product 5.8ghz Transmitter Video output cable for GoPro Hero3 Here is the Problem: So...
  4. Z

    Problem Binding the Mobula 7 to QX7

    I have been struggling to get my quad into the air and think that here might be a good place to get some advice. I recently received the Mobula 7 quad. It has the XM+ receiver module which I believe uses the EU LBT firmware. I therefore flashed the this firmware onto the OS of the QX7 (it...
  5. E

    OSD messages RX LOSS

    Hi, I am a beginner, learning drone for 3 months. Recently OSD started showing message 'RX LOSS' or 'AXE LOSE'. The message showed only 0.5 sec so it's hard to catch it, and I can see my drone immediately stall and hit on ground around 15-20m away. After researching the context of message, it...
  6. WizardX220Guy


    Note to self: Don't get a transmitter that points up.
  7. G

    input not recieving

    hello again I just installed the FS A8S to my Wizard 220s and connected it by PPM. I could successfully connect my Flysky FS i6 to the transmitter. However, the drone won‘t recieve any input... I tried to rebind to transmitter/controller multiple times (binding worked but still no input). The...
  8. D

    Brand new Special Edition of the FrSky Taranis X9D+SE!

    Here's a quick review on the Brand new Taranis X9D+SE If youre looking to pick up a new radio, I highly suggest looking into this radio, I own both an original X9D and the new SE, and wow the difference is like night and day. It is truly an amazing transmitter.
  9. R

    Show or Read accelerometer sensor data on Transmitter

    I want to read the accelerometer sensor data from my flight controller. Is there any way to do that ? I googled it but found no result about it. Have anyone an idea or an solution ?
  10. D

    Any Frsky Horus users?

    Anyone using the Horus here? I am in the market for a radio. Many use and suggest the Taranis, due to better range and reliability compared to the Spectrums. I just don't like the menu system and the cheap feel and look. Horus looks like it is a better radio, better gimbals, nicer build...
  11. Jack Ley

    2 Drones 1Cup, err.. I mean RC

    Hey all, I am new to the racing quad hobby and I recently bought a 250 class storm that I am very happy with, I am using the AT9 RC/transmitter, which I am also very happy with. I was thinking of getting another racing quad, like 180 class, or just something a little cheaper that I can beat up...