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Aug 23, 2020
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HI, I bought a DJI FPV goggles V2, and am looking for recommendation of analog receiver/unit to add on the goggles. The candidate item is the below link because it seems to be very simple installation, instead of taking out /replacing any goggles parts:


I already have an Eachine EV800D and happyModel Mobula6 and beta85 HD, but try to sell the EV800D and want to always use DJI goggles for air unit and analog VTXs. Questions are;

1 Any other recommendations, instead of URUAV 5.8G RX PORT 3.0-PLUS? This is because I have used only EV800D, so have no idea about this type of VTX unit.

2 I think I also need to buy 2 analog antennas because a receiver unit(URUAV 5.8G RX PORT 3.0-PLUS) does not includes them. Do you have recommendation? This is because I have no idea which brands/items are good.

3 Anything I am missing to buy additional parts?

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I suggest to check out BDI adapter for DJI. See JB's video below where he compared 3 well known analog mods (including uruav).

I was looking at uruav's one before but i was afraid that my hand will get obstructed whenever I want to access goggle's dial/buttons because its bulki on the right side. Then from the video above, I found BDI adapter, it was so nice and fit perfectly with the goggle like it was an original/built-in part of the goggle itself. (not like a homemade/3d printed addon ?) The cables also can be managed nicely (copying JB's way ?). I use TBS Fusion as the module as well as its default cover, also fit perfectly and tight. Other option is Rapidfire.
For antenna, you can use combo omni and patch. i use Lumi Axii 2 and Truerc MX-air which for me with BDI adapter is nice because they sits in front/center of you not heavy on one side. This combo gives me good result so far and no troubles ?
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What module did you end up going with I have the BDI adapter with a fox ear but I have yet to plug it in and see if it works.
What module did you end up going with I have the BDI adapter with a fox ear but I have yet to plug it in and see if it works.
I use TBS Fusion since most of my stuff are with crossfire, so good integration there. so far so good no complains, never fails.

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