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Air unit blackout


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Mar 4, 2021
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Does anyone here have an experience of the DJI Air Unit doing a black out?

Ive flown countless flights with my current 5" drone, all perfectly ok... no video issues, even out to 1.5km.
usually, I turn back when bandwidth drops to < 10mbps

all good, but recently Ive had a couple of flights, where i suddently lose video, one second its 50mb, next screen freezes and is then black.

yesterday was particularly bad, I was at the top of the mountain, very remote... and suddenly black, (about 500m from me)
fortunately, I had gps rescue setup, so after a very long 15 seconds, the video returned, and I could fly home.
but really shook me up, since if this had not worked, it would have been lost for good!

today, I reviewed the footage from both googles and air unit,
and considering where I was sitting, whilst might have been partially obscured (los) , it looks far fetched that the signal was completely blocked.

the only thing that looks a bit suspicious (from a signal strenght perspective) is that it failsafed when the drone was at 90 deg to me, so mid turn.
this would obviously be the weakess orientation.
but as I said, goggle footage shows zero breakup, its just 50mb clear , then nothing!

googles then 'restart', when gps rescue has climbed, and is thinking about coming home - when I retake control
(interesting first few seconds of new google footage, show some video breakup)

so a bit concerning, im not 100% convinced about it being a lack of signal issue...

do you know anyway I can diagnose this? some logs?
are there any known issues?

Im wondering what I can try/test (in a safe way ;)) ?



- dji air unit, v2 googles, iflight crystal hd + omni, goggles running off 4s with 14.8+ v
- 1200mW output
- countless flights where this is ok, flights before and after had no issues.
- this was 1 min into second flight, air unit was 'unlocked' had not been sitting on ground, so should be 'cool'
- hot day (30+ C) but quite windy, and was high - so I dont think a temperature problem?
- only 1 min into flight, on 6s fully charged - I was not doing any acro, so current/power I cannot see being a problem
- googles i use with dji fpv, and never had an issue... so guess if an issues , it'll be on drone/air unit side.


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May 1, 2021
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Malmö, Sweden
Did your goggle fan spinn up, goggle crashes and then reboots, new splashscreen like mine did (see post above)?
What goggle firmware are you on?
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