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checking in from belgium


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Oct 2, 2016
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hey guys, and gals ofcourse,

well, yeah, so.. i'm just another newby that is very enthousiastic after seeing some fpv drone racing on the telly.

so i read into it a bit and ordered myself a hubsan x4 h107L.. which has just been shipped. you know to get the hangs of it a little. but besides flying i'm also interested in building and messing with stuff.

so i went around to look for a kit.. and was doubting between a emax nighthawk, eachine racer.. but the nighthawks were sold out and wouldn't come back.. (hobbyking, banggood, dx and gearbest) so there was only one option left, but from that one the kit wasn't available anymore and a ARF of PNF is not really my thing. So i looked on and found the eachine falcon 250 pro in an arf but without fpv. after looking at some reviews i decided to order that one (B-day present for myself) with a cc3d 6dof flight controller. i read into that a little and really couldn't find a good reason to decide on one flight controller over an other so went for the cc3d. I allready have a spextrum dx6i with 3 recievers (belive one to be a dsmx, and the other 2 dsm2's (they were free) and a pair of 3s 2200mAh battery packs and a turnigy accucell 6. Additionally i scavanged some fpv parts together to go with it (Eachine: ev800 goggles, TS5828S 40CH 5.8G 600MW, falcon OSD, DYS FPV mushroom antenna and sony Effio-E 700TVL CCD Camera with 3 lenses. ) and also ordered
some dalprop t5045 v2 3 bladed spare props and will order a carrybag.. (this version didn't have it standard with it)

but, well that's it for now.. i'll just have to wait for it all to arive and to learn to fly with the hubsan.

but i do have some specific questions.

1) is there a use to get a spare 10dof flightcontroller to have the gps and barro? i understand that the 6dof is called the acro, with is for obvious reasons but is the 10dof less, acro because of the gps and barro? is is that just a pure addition. does either have an advantage over the other as beginner?

2) did i make any wrong choices with picking the fpv combo?

3) will the 2200mAh battery be oke (not to heavy as standard is 1500?) specially as it is still a 3s, and i believe the falcon will handle very good with a 4s even heard talk about a 6s becaus of the 20A esc's

4) any really good site to tell me how to learn to fly properly?

5) is there an advantage / disadvantage to start to learn to fly without the 10 degree motor mounts? so it would be less anxcious to fly forwards? or do i mess up the what i believe to be very proper standard flightcontroller setup by doing so? ( i want to fiddle with the setup but later, on but only after i learned to fly proper, first with the hubsan and then the falcon. )

6) any advice.. site, to read, actions to take and stuff ?

7) anyone any idea what the pro is all about with the falcon 250 pro vs the non pro?

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