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  1. T

    Betaflight no stick Inputs

    Hey guys, I'm currently having a problem with my receiver. I have the iflight Evouge F5D Digital with a TBS Nano RX. (Crossfire) My radio is the TBS Tango 2 pro. The connection was no problem and all the AUX channels also work, but I have no sticks inputs. I feel like I've tried everything...
  2. Shaznoid

    🇺🇸 Memorial Day 2024

  3. pedz

    Indoor FPV drone suggestions

    I have an Avata and might buy the Avata 2 which implies that I have DJI’s controllers and goggles. I am wanting to learn how to fly it in manual mode. The simulator makes me sick and I’ve been told that that is common. The past few months have been extremely wet (rainy) and if it isn’t rainy...
  4. E

    Dji Avata 2: Acro Mode?

    Hi all, I've been wanting to get into fpv and I was considering purchasing an Avata 2. However, I want to be able to do full acro at some point and I was wondering if the Avata can do that. Ideally, I would buy the drone, some goggles, and a normal remote (not the motion controller) and be able...
  5. T

    Japan 5.8ghz regulations

    Hi I live in Japan and recently got into fpv. Japan being Japan, they are pretty strict with regulations on fpv. I have decided to just go with the flow as I really want to pursue the hobby and so I’m currently in the process of getting my Amateur radio technician license (mandatory) and apply...
  6. Shaznoid

    🧱🏜️🏔️ The Five Graces - Santa Fe- New Mexico

    Weekend trip to Santa Fe NM to see some friends, stayed at The Inn of The Five Graces and had to do some FPV while I was there. - Great friends, great place, great vibe, great weekend. Ganesha looked over my quads this rip (the Hindu elephant god symbolizes protection and the removal of...
  7. M

    Racing fpv to Long range build?

    Can youplease help me with this one thing? I accidentally bought one month ago fpv drone, but I did not know that it wasn't long range fpv, but it was racing drone, which is totally different, and has only like 200 metres range of signal in normal conditions. What would you reccomend to me...
  8. A

    Please HELP - GPS not locking satellites

    Hi guys, am Ronnie, I'm new to fpv hobby - i build my first drone Speedybee master 5 V3 with Speedybee F7 V3 stack etc. i bought "Flywoo Goku M10 mini V3 gps" below mention is the problem am facing, please help me I'm very eager to fly this drone. - All connections are wired correctly. - At...
  9. Mepsking

    FPV motor

    How about FPV Motor? I have try meps fpv motor 2207. Do you guys have other better recommendation for a 5 inch racing motor? Thanks!!
  10. Mepsking

    FPV motor

    How about FPV Motor? I think 2207 motor is good. Do you guys have other better recommendation for a 5 inch racing motor? Thanks!!
  11. Shaznoid

    🥅 NET! NET! NET! 🥅

    Oh no, another long format dose of motion sickness from Shaznoid. This video is not stabilized, should it be? I can feel my drone powers are getting stronger with each flight.
  12. Shaznoid

    🇬🇧 Whoa Nellie!

    My wife's friend and her son were visiting from England and my wife asked me to fly the drone for them! You don't have to ask me twice! It was a quick two battery rip (~6min airtime), here's the 60 second short that features as much of our puppy Nellie as me flying. Not my most daring YouTube...
  13. G

    Help First Drone

    Hello, i have been wanting to build a drone and didn't know where to start. After a small bit of research i came up with the following components. Can someone with experience give the list a look over and tell me if this setup will do or not? ============================================ Frame...
  14. RandallEdick

    Flying and Skiing Arapahoe Basin March 2, 2023

    Had a blackout while flying my DJI FPV as the drone approaches the ridge in the second flying clip.
  15. FPVRogo

    Taking the DJI Avata for a Sunset Spin!

  16. X

    ESC malfuntion

    Hello, i crashed my drone, replaced a motor, replaced my ESC, and now my drone won't work. My fpv drone keeps restarting every time once the battery is plugged in. I flashed my FC, flashed my esc with bl heli I can only arm if i have my drone plugged into my PC, weird. What can i do
  17. F


    Hello, I'm a new drone pilot flying in Montana.
  18. S

    One of my first flights in full manual (with a group called Drone Fanatics

    Since around two weeks I'v been flying in full manual mode with my DJI FPV. At first very scary, but now after practicing (also within DJI Virtual Flight) I'm getting better at it. I still fly high to be safe, so hopefully soon I'll post some low (and high-speed) videos. Here is one from me...
  19. G

    Difference between walksnail and fatshark dominator hd

    I' m confused about the difference between the walksnail goggles and fatshark dominator hd. I want to buy this Firefly 1.6'' Baby Quad HD V1.3 Micro Drone w/ Avatar HD but I want to buy the goggles separatedly. Will it work with both the Fatshark Dominator HD and the Walksnail? What is the...
  20. Y

    How to Record Analog FPV to microSD with an external device?

    Recently I got into flying microquads, more specifically the BetaFPV Cetus Pro, it is a great kit, however I can't record my flights. The only option I have to record my flights for now is to use an OTG FPV adapter with my phone, and then record the screen of my phone. However, I don't want to...