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  1. T

    nano cam footage stabilized with Gyroflow

    Just cruising at my usual spot. I used the onboard flash memory on my GEPRC smart 35HD to record the filtered gyro data at 1KHz. Bring both gyro data and video together in gyroflow to stabilized the raw video from the nano camera.
  2. L

    Lift off FLight settings to DJI FPV Gain and expo settings

    Hi Newbee here . I have recently acquire a DJI FPV combo and I have been practicing with the LIFT OFF SIMULATOR for 40 + hours now and I want my Lift Off settings transferred to the DJI FPV combo How can I do this please help thank you
  3. GiantAntCowboy

    Incredible light at 10:30pm!

    Just a quick 60 second clip highlighting the beautiful late evening sun, fresh rows of grass, forest treetops and distant mountains. (Sound On and HD recommend, so my editing efforts don’t go to waste…) Very happy to have captured this unique shot, hope others think it’s neat as well. Cheers!
  4. A

    Help the noob!

    Hi guys, I am very new to the world of fpv. I bought an RTF package a few months back and have been loving it. It’s a 5inch 6s quad. Unfortunately while filming some on water sports, the quad went for a swim! I managed to get it back from the salty sea about 5 hours later. I washed it in fresh...
  5. T

    1st crash and cracked arm

    face planted the drone while doing some low altitude back flips but that was enough to crack a front arm in 2 places :(
  6. D

    DJI FPV Drone air scoop non-functional?

    after my first flight with the FPV drone, I noticed there was a small paper wad inside the gimbal cavity. While trying to dig it out with a toothpick, it fell in between the cracks into the front of the drone so I took off the front cover to retrieve said paper. to my surprise, when the front...
  7. X

    *SOLD* Cloud Burst Protective Shoulder Carrying / Storage Case For DJI FPV Drone Combo

    Lightly used. Like-New condition Asking $39 + shipping, was $79 new. If interested PM me with your zip code for a shipping price. Spacious design makes travel more convenient The remote-control sticks do not need to be removed and can be placed directly in the case for storage. FPV goggle...
  8. Z

    FPV goggles uncomfortable seeing 2 individual displays (Skyzone 04x)

    Hello. I need some advice regarding the FPV goggles (Skyzone 04x). I am testing these goggles (my first FPV goggles) and I have noticed this annoying thing and I cannot get my head around. Whenever I use goggles, My eyes are able to pick up that there are 2 individual displays and each eye is...
  9. P

    Hello from Lithuania

    Just got my DJI FPV Combo! Very happy so far! Looking forward to being part of the community!
  10. Z

    Streaming android phone screen to FPV goggles (skyzone 04x)

    Hello. I am involved in a project which requires us to stream phone screen to FPV goggles. Could someone advice me whether this is possible or not? I require to stream screen view from android phone directly to FPV goggles (the connection can be wired or wireless doesnt matter). Lets say I want...
  11. M

    Beach drone freestyle Porec Croatia

  12. A

    Hi please help me!

    Hi, i have problem with my GPS, i just build it my drone, but i cant get 3d fix on betaflight, i already waiting 2 hours, i have 8-12satallites showing up. and idk where is the problem and how to fix it. :( i use MAMBA F405 flight controller, (stack with ESC 40A), TBS CROSSFIRE and TBS 8.2 GPS...
  13. L

    Drone went for a swim, NEED help is my ESC or motors broken?

    Hi very new to fpv drones so need a little help Basically, let a mate fly my drone (rookie mistake) he lost control, I lost sight of it and he crashed it straight into a puddle and was in there, fully submerged, for about 10 mins before we found it. I’ve seen forums online saying it should be...
  14. O

    What is the best budget video transmitter?

    Hello everyone, I would like to buy a video transmitter and I would like to know what the best one is that I can get for the money? Three things: 1) I will never fly with more than one other person. 2) size and weight does not matter AT ALL 3) The equipment that I have already is: RunCam Phoenix...
  15. O

    What are the best FPV goggles for under $160?

    Hello everyone, I am 15 years old and (I do not wear glasses) I have never owned a pair of FPV goggles, but I have done research. I am looking to buy some fpv goggles, box for low profile,(I don’t mind) and my budget is around US$160 or less and I would like your advice on what I should buy ? I...
  16. O

    If I do not care about weight or size,(only about latency an video quality) what is the best fpv camera?

    Hi guys, I have quite a unique situation, I have a humongous drone drone and I do not care about weight or size, I only care about latency and video quality, what FPV camera is best for me? also, it would be great if you could give me two answers: one answer under $100 (approximately) and a...
  17. C

    GoPro FPV problem

    Hello all So here is the deal. Here is my equipment list: 1. GoPro Hero 3+ 2. FPV 5.8G 200mW AV Wireless Transmitter TS351 3. 3s 11.1v 800mAh Battery 4. EMAX Transporter FPV Boxed Goggles 5.8G 5. Apex RC product 5.8ghz Transmitter Video output cable for GoPro Hero3 Here is the Problem: So...
  18. H

    3inch copter Test Flight

    내 헬리콥터 테스트 비행 FC / ESC : iFlight Succex-D VTX / RX : DJI 에어 유닛 [미디어 = YouTube] 1CmD3fEe6KA [/ 미디어]
  19. WavyHertZ

    [Cinematic FPV] Baies à Le Pouliguen | WavyHertZ

    Hi ! I share with you my second cinematic video in the bays at Le Pouliguen in Coté de La Baule (France) :D I tried to make it shorter than my previous video and do something condensed because I did a lot of repetitive shots.. :/ Tell me what you think again ^^
  20. WavyHertZ

    [Cinematic FPV] La Valée des Saints | WavyHertZ

    Hello ! I share with you my first real cinematic video, I flew in the Saint-Gildas Chapel and in La Vallée des Saints (in Carnoët in the Côtes-d'Armor, France) Tell me what you think so that I can improve myself ^^