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DRL simulator and Mac


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Jan 18, 2017
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Albany, CA
Need help running the DRL simulator with a Mac (my details below) and DX6e. I've been told by Simstick this is possible, at least for some Macs.

I was able to download and run the Sandbox map with the Mac keyboard a couple times, but now the map doesn't seem to be loading at all. I eventually want to run the DRL with the DX6e (which has no port), but I'd like to confirm if my Mac will work at all before I buy the Simstick. The tech at Simstick couldn't anwer that (nor could Horizon).


MacBook Pro
OSX 10.9.5
2.6 GHz Intel Core i7
memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB
I use a old Mac Pro and run it without issues. I use my Real Flight controller and it works great. I know for the maps, I had to click on the "update available" to get it to download and the run. If you want I could make a video of my settings for it. I find it really great to learn some tricks on.

Btw, since I just got my FPV drone and want to practice with my actual controller I ended up ordering this:
Amazon.com: Hooshion USB Flight Simulator FMS Cable for RC Helicopter Airplane Remote Controller: Computers & Accessories

Seems like it has all the different adapters and it's not that expensive.
Hi Spider,
Thanks much for the info and offer of a video, but I think you're one step ahead of me with the video and doing tricks. To get myself started, what do I need in addition to my DX6e (no ports), Hooshion cables, Mac OSX 10.9.5. and DRL simulator? I've been trying to get the DRL maps working, but I get them working only intermittently. Thanks.
Any reason why your still on 10.9.5? Current Mac OS is 10.12. Check out the minimum specs on the website:

OS: MacOS Sierra version 10.12 or newer
Processor: Intel Core i5 or better
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: AMD Raedon R9 m370x 2048mb or better
Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
Sorry, I did see online about DRL sim and OSX 10.12, but when you said you had an "old" Mac, I didn't consider that my OSX might actually be older than anyone else's. ;) To answer your question, I try to hold off upgrading as long as possible 'cause I always end up with expensive apps that will no longer run. On the other hand, now that I'm having too many (physical) crashes with my new quad, I guess I've held off upgrading OSX as long as possible.

Aside from OSX, my graphics (NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB) seem to be okay for the DSL sim, right?
Yeah graphics card should be ok. My Mac Pro is from 2010. It has 10 GB of RAM and a ATI Radoin HD 5770 1024 MB graphics card. I just got my cable today that I ordered and was able to use it I the sim without issues.
I don't think you can run that on Mac, you need a computer for that ;)
It works just fine. Although on my gaming machine I can crank up all the settings and it runs much smoother. But then again, I haven't tested it on my MacBook Pro with toucher yet.
Just messing with you Mac guys :D

I've been using both Mac and PC's for most of my professional career. While PC's are nice, I find that I have to do a lot more troubleshooting on them to use them. I fly a lot of flight sims (built my own cockpit) and the joke goes around the community that it takes an hour of troubleshooting the PC for a 30 minute flight.

Mac's just work. Easier to use for me. Plus for video editing they are much more powerful.
It's looking like if I don't upgrade OSX 10.9.5 I can't run DLR sim. So, are there no other options?

update: Just discovered my Mac 10.9.5 will run FreeRider. So now all I need is to run Freerider with the DX6e. Simstick for that?
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It's looking like if I don't upgrade OSX 10.9.5 I can't run DLR sim. So, are there no other options?

update: Just discovered my Mac 10.9.5 will run FreeRider. So now all I need is to run Freerider with the DX6e. Simstick for that?

Another possible option is Liftoff which is on Steam. Its a good app with good training, but I find the physics on it a bit off.
Thanks spider. I'll check that out. Is Simstick a good way to link the DX6e (no ports) to the Mac / simulator?

Looking at their website, I'd say thats a perfect solution. might have to get one myself so I can use my sim wirelessly as well
Thanks much for the video. Love that ship dock simulator. I couldn't find it on the DRL site or any of the watermarks. Steep learning curve for me to get to that point, but it looks like way too much fun to not woodshed.

I tried Liftoff, but it didn't seem to like the older OSX. But Freerider does, so I ordered the Simstick Complete, and a DSMX remote receiver.

When running Freerider on the Mac keyboard, the throttle is pretty much on or off and I couldn't hover or land very smoothly. I assume when running Freerider on the DX6e everything will be a lot smoother.
Update on the Simstick Complete. I was unable to get any sim running well with Simstick, DX6e, and Mac Osx 10.9.5. I explained this to Simstick, not necessairly blaming Simstick; just the combination of components and software. The best we could do still had a jittery throttle on Freerider, the only sim that would work at all. So, because it seemed we had run out of options, I asked for a refund, explaining that the Simstick Complete was as good as new (I send simstick images of it), and I had all the original packaging. Simstick wouldn't give a refund. They haven't responded to my last email which was a week ago. I've listed it in the DRP classifieds here for $20 (lists for $53 USD).
Hey folks. I am trying to get my Wii U Pro connected to my Mac to use the simulator. Has anyone achieved this. I have a Mac Pro (the small black one) with macOS Sierra. The Mac sees the remote and so does the simulator, but that's about it.

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