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  • Hey Green, so I will be building a 5s drone or a 4 s drone. I already have multiple batteries that are 1300 mAh (3 cell,11.1v). Will this battery be powerful enough to power a 5s drone or do I need to downgrade to a 4s drone?
    Thank you kind sir. Your help was very useful and I would recommend you to anyone needing help in this hobby Much love my dude!!!
    I've got the "Bfight 210 BNF version", and I've been with him for Two months!!!
    And I am trying to synchronize it with the transmitter, When I do this it shows a blue light that flickers and after a while stays fixed as if the receiver had synchronized with it. But when I try to start motors, it does not work.

    Is this related to the settings on the remote control?

    Thanks in advance.
    Hey Green, hope all is well. Thanks for helping me with my quad. I really appreciate that. I still can't figure out what ESCs I have so I'm guessing I wont be able to flash betaflight until I do. Also, I have plans to build my own drone. It's going to be a pretty budget one but I was wondering if you could look over the parts list if you have a minute and lmk. If not then no worries.
    Will all these parts be compatible? I'm pretty sure they will be but idk for sure. I've watched a decent amount of build videos and have a decent understand of how this should work but any insight would be much appreciated. If you have any inexpensive recommendations please let me know!! Thank you so much
    Martian 2 Frame
    4x Racestar 2205 2300kv motors
    Racerstar RS20Ax4 V2 20A BB2 48MHz Blheli_S 2-4S 4 in 1 Opto ESC
    Matek Systems PDB w/ BEC 5v + 12v 2 oz copper
    F3 FC Acro 6 DoF Flight Controller
    Eachine VTX 03 Super Mini
    Eachine 1000 TVL 2.8mm cam
    HI bud, got another problem hoping you can help me out. So I finally got my battery charger charged me batteries last night and went to try my drone out for the first time since you helped me last. OK so I hook up the battery, arm it, give a little throttle the motors speed up by themselves and then the drone just flips over by itself all wild.
    Hi Green,
    I'm in mobile, been flying 4 mths now, looking for someone or a group to fly with. Ever come this way?
    all i have to say is that drone racing is my thing and i would do any thing to get into this competition also check out youtube channel Tiger25nations
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