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Flight controller advice one

Thank you. Honestly I was thinking having everything bundled up like that would mean bigger problems when they arise. And less customizability. It just looked interesting
Green, do you know anything about the racer cube? Or is it just like the powercube?
Yeah I thought the same thing and was looking into it for a build I will be working on.


I picked up a couple of Racer Cubes on sale. I'm not sure I'm going to use them though. Reading up on it on RCG, the range of the FrSky TX is horrible, almost unusable. I'll keep following it to see if anyone comes up with any solutions.

Jerry, I have heard the same thing.
I did watch a few videos on it on YT that shows some of the issues.
Keep me posted.

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i'm not sure what I was thinking, but I bought the entire, overpriced, over-hyped FPVision elite cube (or whatever the hell they call it). After a month of frustration after frustration, i finally gave up and scrapped it. I don't know, but I get the feeling that TBS has just been coasting on their reputation for some time now...

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