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FPV Goggle Advice Needed


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Dec 7, 2022
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Newbie to drone flying - so far i have purchased a Radiomaster TX16S MKII V4.0 ELRS which I will use with a simulator to get practise in and then a cheap whoop drone to practise with. For now i want to make sure i get a good controller and FPV goggle which I will not need to change for a long time.

For a drone I am looking at starting with a either a:
- BETAFPV Cetus X BWhoop 2S BNF Drone
- iFlight ProTek25 Pusher Analog FPV BNF with RunCam 4K Camera for FPV
Emax Tinyhawk Indoor FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter - BNF

Question - if the drone is analog will it work with the more expensive digital FPV goggles

Next i want to find a good FPV goggle with the requirements:
- ideally HDMI in so i can hook up to a a simulator
- ease of use
- good field of view
- comfortable

I looked at Fatshark and Eachine as they appear to be more portable and with good reviews.
Has anyone flown using these and can comment on quality and FOV.

I know there are many different models so i have listed the ones i have found used on ebay and aliexpress that i might purchase.

- Fatshark HDO FPV Goggle’s Compatible With Hdzero And New VRX From Caddx HDMI In (not
sure what the VRX refers too)

- Fat Shark Dominator HDO OLED FPV Goggles + ImmersionRC RapidFire + Antennas

- Eachine EV200D 1280*720 5.8G 72CH True Diversity 3D FPV Goggles + 4 Antenna

- SKYZONE SKY04L V2 04L 04X FPV Goggles 1280×960 5.8G 48CH Steadyview Receiver Build In Headtracker Video Glasses

On a higher price-point also seen digital goggles such as:
- Walksnail Avatar Digital HD FPV Goggle

but at $500 and does not seem to have HDMI in. Online reviews the quality is supposed to be as good as DJIs goggles and the larger FOV at 46 seems to be a bonus

Also a very newbie question

- What is the basic process to link FPV goggles to a drones camera? Is this all done via a computer or via the goggles menu?

- is there a risk that i might purchase a goggle and they are not setup to receive video without buying something extra?

- would analog drones still fly with digital goggles like the walksnail or does going digital now restrict the number of drones that can be flown with.

I bought the Cetus X combo and it is not bad to start. BetaFPV $289 for controller (ELRS) goggles and drone. I got extra 450ma packs and multi charger. I have watched hours and hours and hours of Youtube. I am new also. I know every hair on Joshua Bardwell's beard and the eyeglass prescription on Captain Drone eyeglasses. Walksnail and the others are still trying to catch up. I am as confused as anybody---but I decided to go DJI goggles as they seem to be the gold standard unless you are racing quads. "Buy cheap and you buy twice" was the saying in RC airplane equipment. Buying the best only hurts once and the digital goggles seem to be the King of the Hill.
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