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Hi from the Southshore


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Feb 27, 2024
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Back from a several years away from R/C. Various UAS platforms a decade ago. Primarily fixed wing. EL sailplanes, handful of Horizon Hobby UMX, and a few quads. FPV was more or less in the developmental early years. OpenTX protocol was relatively new. Only FPV quads were diy and a HH Nano something. An inverted brushed motor 1s micro quad. Did fly an el sailplane setup for fpv. Limited to a 25mW vtx. You needed a HAM radio license to fly higher powered vtxs. Surprising good range with the clover leaf antenna on the vtx and a diversity setup with IBC something omni and helical coil on a lcd vrx.

Did not keep up to date with this world. Impression are the advances in hardware have been significant. Bit clueless. But pretty set on ELRS and Open/EdgeTX. Now retired. Have some more free time. Time to FPV. Trust certificate and FAA small UAS registered. Picked up a HolyStone RID module so I can fly the LOS el sailplane that has been in storage.

So.... purchased the BetaFPV Aquila beginners kit to regain some stick skills. Nice, easy to fly indoors quad. First set of goggles used. So nothing to compare against. Camera is at best mediocre. Controller feels like how it looks. Like a toy. Serial ELRS 3.???, but BetaFPVs proprietary configuration. Considering upgrading to the RadioMaster Pocket ELRS model. But as noted before. Bit clueless. Assuming that since the receiver is ELRS 3.??? I can bind it to the Pocket? Hopefully assign the N,S,M modes and slow, medium, fast speeds to couple aux 3 way switches using Betaflight configurator? Worst case. Stuck with BetaFPV's radio and have a good excuse for acquiring an outdoors quad. Geprc Cinebot 30 looks interesting.
Greetings from Birmingham Alabama USA, welcome to the forum! We look forward to hearing from you!

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