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Lost Model Buzzer?


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Dec 5, 2016
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Cabot, AR.
Hey guys. Once again I'm in need of the wealth of knowledge from this site. Please post your insight.

I realized that I have forgotten to purchase a buzzer to use for the "Lost Model Mode". So I thought that I could run by my nearest HobbyTown and simply pick one up. Well - I haven't had very good luck dealing with these guys. As a matter of fact, I believe today will be my last visit to their store. They have been very little to ZERO help for anything I have asked or needed of them. The counter clerk tried to sell me a 6S voltage checker.

Question 1: What do you guys recommend? - The Spektrum FC gives no indication of voltage requirements for the buzzer. The clerk told me that the buzzer is configurable in CleanFlight? Possibly RaceFlight too.

Question 2: While we're on the subject. The clerk recommended writing over RaceFlight with CleanFlight. I know that it's been highly recommended by members of this forum to run CF over RF. And, like I mentioned earlier, don't have a lot of faith in HobbyTown either. But I've decided to take the advice under serious consideration. So - Is this possible? What will I loose? What will I gain? What are the steps to accomplish the rewrite? I know the RF is relatively unknown on this forum. But any insight would be greatly appreciated.
I like betaflight better than cleanflight mostly because of the excellent stock PIDs. It also does more advanced ESC protocols if I am not mistaken.

I haven't tried Raceflight yet. I don't know why he would want you to dump it for cleanflight though.

About the alarm, many of those voltage checkers have a built in low battery buzzer. That might help you find a lost quad.
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Thanks tGO. . The 6S checker was kinda large. Probably to large to fit within the frame. I have a 4S checker that would work /fit better. But it's just not what I want to do though. Hoping to use the "inactivity" feature. And maybe even program to a switch on the Tx. Can you confirm best voltage to use for a Piezo? Also, can you confirm buzzer being configurable in the software that your accustom to?

From what little research on the software I've been able to do so far, I've reconfirmed that the HobbyTown clerk is "WACK". CleanFlight isn't supported on F4 FC's. So I'm glad that I checked. Also, talking with a friend (IT specialist), the conversion from RF to BF would most likely be a 1-way trip.
Thanks Again tGO.
You need a 5V buzzer for most FC's. You can set a switch on the modes tab in betaflight, I am sure you can in raceflight also.

What little electronics experience I have, I was thinking 5V. I really didn't think that you could "program" different voltage outputs on these boards (for the buzzer). But I do know that there are circuit designs capable of doing so.
Thank You Sir.

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