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New'b to racing drones in south Florida!


Dec 30, 2016
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What up all, Brian here.... Just dropping by to introduce myself. New to racing drones but not to flying a drone itself. Im flying a Luminear QUA260 with a Futaba 8j remote with fat shark pov goggles. I was wondering if anyone could give some tips on learning the Futaba remote and reprogramming it possibly. If in the south Florida area ill be glad to treat someone to lunch for their time. Any ways looking forward to this and cant wait to fly it!
Welcome, Brian! Cat help you with the Futaba as I'm only familiar with the FrSky Taranis X9D Plus. I'm using it with 3 birds and the FPV Freerider simulator. Just figured I'd welcome you in! There are some nice folks around here, hopefully someone else will chime in.

Thanks Jerry! im picking up a emachine also tonight with a bunch of extra parts tonight only because the price is right and to have a practice drone. If anyone could help withe the Futaba it would be great!
Welcome to the forum Brian .:)
Welcome Brian. Sorry I cant help you but I'm thinking someone will show up.
Hi brian, awesome to see someone else from south florida. I am also new to this as well. What part of florida are you in?
Hi Brian! I am new to FPV racing and drones in general, but I have finally gotten all my gear together and am looking forward to my maiden voyage. Where about in south Florida are you?
Hey Brian. Durza and I are near Boca as well. Trade that Futaba for a FrSky Taranis Plus. The online support will make it worth the cost. It is pretty much the industry standard.
i pretty much got the futaba down, im having trouble with beta flight and trying to get it to respond correctly. Where do you guys fly?
ive been going to the park in west boca right across from where the lake is and we havnt had any issues flying
I'm talking to the mayor of my town to try and get a time slot open for the local parks. My goal is a racing league.
same here but having some major problems learing this. i fly phantoms fine but this is a little tough

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