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Setting UP "RACE" HELP.

Arkansas Drone Pilot

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Mar 10, 2016
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Fellow Pilots,
Need some help setting up a DRONE RACE this fall, a portion of the proceeds will be DONATED to the DAV.
My RC Club will be celebrating National Model Aviation Day, an annual event and I have been tasked with setting up the event. Last year all we had was one bus load of kids, with almost no outside participation. I would like to invite ESPN to the event and maybe even help sponsor the race. We have a real nice RC park with plenty of room to fly. What are the companies most likely to help Sponsor this race?

What are the different classes of racers? Is that determined by size? How many hurdles and obstacles should a race have. What is the preferred distance of the race or races to be held? Besides money, what are some of the better prizes that the pilots can compete for?

As everyone can see from the questions and what I written, I will need some help. The most important thing is finding companies and individuals who will be willing to help Sponsor this upcoming race. So, put on your thinking caps and holler back at me with your idea's.

Thanks a Ton,
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You need to go to MultiGP and you can join or start a local chapter. You will get tons of help from their website, forums and FB pages. Look forward to hearing about your event's success!

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