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Skitzo frame release imminent

I like the capabilities of the pod cover. I know that "looks" doesn't necessarily make a good racer.
I'm sure lighter would be faster. But I hear that there is some debate about which type of frame is the best. Sooo - when does it arrive?
Looks good. That pod would help protect some things. Are the specs on that much different to say an alien frame? Does anyone have experience with the sysmetrical x vs the other slightly elongated frames. I hear these help somewhat with stability?
The skitzo has much thicker top and bottom plates and an extra plate on the bottom. It also has a shorter frame front to back. They list it at 100g and the alien at just over 140g.
Thanks for that. Sounds good to me, extra protection and lilighter. I imagine the shorter front to back would make it harder to keep it stable whilst accelerating ect..
If I were in the market for a new drone I would def get it. I almost pre ordered it just for a future product when it was first available but decided to hold of till I break one of mine or find myself wanting some new hardware. I'd like to try the tbs core osd and some of the skitzo motors or steel motors.
Just bought the kit today, really a fan of Lumenier stuff. The Dark Side kit looks great; very clean with the rounded edges.

Out here in Albuquerque on a business trip and stopped by a local hobby shop that had the kit. They also said a lot of quad flyers go to a specific park to fly so I stopped by there on my way back to the hotel.

Met and spoke with Shawn - aka NytFury, who was extremely kind and generous!!! Watched him fly for about an hour and I cam say I have a new appreciation for him and his skills!

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