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The resurrection of "Frank"...


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Mar 9, 2016
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Well, after my disappointment over the death of my Arris X-Speed 250B due to a cracked (custom) PDB and a great deal of thought, here's what I decided to do. Fortunately, shortly after I got my 250B I got concerned about spare parts and decided to purchase an unassembled 250B as well.

I will replace the PDB in the original 250B with the one from the kit (knowing that at some point it may break as well). Since the kit will no longer have a PDB I will build a second 250 that I'll call "Frank" (Frankenstein). I will cut my own carbon fiber pieces to replace the original PDB and vibration dampening pad to add, much needed, structural strength.

I will use the VTX, ESC's and motors that came in the kit and attempt to install the new Betaflight F3 AIO FC, PDB, OSD and pair it with a FrSky XSR TX. I haven't decided on a camera yet but I think I'll either use an HS1177 or Runcam Owl Plus. I'm really nervous about soldering up the F3 as I've never done anything like this before and the soldering points and pads on this board are tiny.

I cut my pieces yesterday and soldered up my first set of ESC's in the wee hours of this morning. Hopefully, when completed, I'll have two flying 250's.

I'm attaching a few pic's of my progress so far, wish me luck!


IMG_7416.JPG IMG_7418.JPG IMG_7419.JPG IMG_7429.JPG IMG_7428.JPG
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Original 250B is back in commision and just got some air! My first time replacing a PDB board. A little frustrating but all went well. I'm glad that I'm getting all of this soldering practice before attempting the new Betaflight F3 FC. Frank is still on the bench and underway.


IMG_5146.JPG IMG_5147.JPG
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Hey guys,

A little off subject but maybe you can help. I've replaced the PDB in my JJPro P200. No matter what I do when I have the VTX connected to the 12v contact and the GND contact my VTX will not operate. With the meter I'm seeing almost 10v coming through the pads and also through the wires but my AKK 600mw VTX will not power up (it's supposed to take from 7v to something like 20v). If I connect the positive to the VBAT pad it powers right up. Is there any reason that I shouldn't run the VTX and camera through the VBAT pad?

That VBAT pad is probably for connecting to a voltage sensor, and probably can't support the power needed. Just a guess.

Oops, I read that backwards. Probably the 12V pad can't support enough current for that VTX. Another guess!
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I guess I need to get some of these capacitors. They seem to come up often. Where should I get them and what should I get?


I got mine at RadioShack. Not very expensive. 470uF 35V
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P200 is back in commission after PDB replacement. The VTX is connected to the VBAT pad for now. Tested it indoors without props and seems okay. Too cold and windy for any outdoor tests.


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I decided to make some changes to Frank's frame. I really want to soft mount the FC. I ended up modifying my parts so I could soft mount while trying to get as much headroom for the components as possible. Here's what I came up with.


IMG_7504.JPG IMG_7507.JPG IMG_7505.JPG IMG_7509.JPG
Some more work on Frank today. Made a smokestopper then got my Betaflight F3 FC all soldered up. Decided to dump the Arris stuff and go with some better ESC's and motors. Wired up the new Aikon ESC's to the FC. Mock mounted my tower, ESC's, VTX and XSR TX to make sure everything is going to fit. Haven't plugged it in yet, I think I'll wait until after I solder up and mount the motors and get my camera. Going to the lake for a few days with the wife and leaving the drone stuff behind. Here's a few pics of Frank.


IMG_5195.JPG IMG_5196.JPG IMG_5198.JPG IMG_5200.JPG IMG_5202.JPG
Looking awesome! Looks like the ARRIS 250B was a bad choice to start with. Thankfully we learned from our experience and were able to move on. I did notice that on hobby-wing now the Arris comes with a 4 in 1 ESC and seems built a little better. I'm assuming too many people complained.
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