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Ugh.....ugly day. Is it spring yet?


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Oct 10, 2016
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IMG_0496.JPG deffinatley not as much fun flying in 35 degree overcast cast conditions as it is flying in the summer...fingers don't really work right. On top of that my first battery on quad 1 screwed up my day. It's really my fault I guess I didn't catch it but I had a prop absolutely explode 5 seconds from take off today due to the prop hitting the balancing cable. I usually double check but I guess with the cold and family around I forgot. Came about 5 feet from falling directly on a family members car....thank god it missed. I'm more mad about the fact I got mud and dirt in one of my motors so I'm cleaning that out now. Then to make things better I took out the second quad and clipped the top of a tree my first run on it so I broke some more props. I just got a few packages of hqprop 5x4.5x3 to try out and just put them on last night and bam. I think I have 2 sets left now and didn't even really get to tell how they fly haha. **** branches with no leaves this time of year sucks. Don't think I'm gonna be one of the winter flyers. Can't really tell but the balancing port got cut in half. So back to eBay for some balance plugs. So all in all I flew 2.1 batteries today and said I quit. See you in April quads.
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Yeah nothing big just a bunch of small hassles that got on my nerves. I think those props are just cursed. Last time I got 1 set to try them out and they didn't last long either. Don't remember what happened but I know I broke 2 of them first flight. Just funny how it's always something first flight with those props.
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