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VTX/Camera Issue, Any Suggestions?


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Mar 9, 2016
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While in Texas the VTX on my JJPro P200 started to give me some headaches. It worked fine for a bit, then the 600mw setting died. I've never powered it up with the antenna off or left it powered on while idle for any extended period of time. I could drop to the 25mw setting and it would power up fine. I tried the "baking" process and it didn't help. I decided that I would just replace the VTX and be done with it. I could not find an exact replacement so I ended up purchasing a different one that switches between 25, 200 & 600mw and installed it. I tested it indoors and it appeared to be fine. When I took it to my flying site and attempted to fly, this is what I got through the goggles and what recorded on my FS DVR:

I figured I'd take a look at it again once I got home. I just tested it again, indoors and then pointed it out the window and this is what I got:

The snow on the screen is static, it doesn't move with the image. When I first saw it in Texas it looked like the camera lens was cracked when viewed through my goggles. Obviously, that wasn't the case. Also, note that the "noise" level of the audio increases as more light is introduced.

Has anyone seen something like this or have any idea what might be causing it? Any recommended troubleshooting or a possible fix?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Jerry - I'm new to this too. But it might help others if they knew the exact circuit lay-out

IE: Camera - OSD? - FC / PDB? - vTx

Appreciate the advice. Honestly, I don't have any electrical background. Everything I do is based on a great deal of research. I'm not sure I could provide an "exact circuit lay-out" (I'm not even sure what that is o_O). I replaced the "5.8G 48CH 600mW Real-Time Emission" (VTX) with this one:

Amazon.com: Sinopine SP833 5.8GHz 40CH 600mW Mini FPV Transmitter Double Screen Display FPV Audio Video Transmitter: Home Audio & Theater

These manufacturers aren't very good about providing documentation but here's a list of the key components:

JJR/C P200 FPV 6CH Brushless Quadcopter Drone Specification:
1. Product Size: 18*18*17cm
2. Product color: Red
3. Product battery:11.1V 1500mAh Li-Po
4. Controller: FS EM-I6 Transmitter
5. Flight control device: Skyline 32 Acro
6. Brushless Motor: RS 2205 2300Kv
7. Brushless ESC: Lightning 20A
8. Camera: CMOS 800TVL
9.Control distance: 300-400 meters
10.Frequency: 2.4G
JJR/C P200 FPV Brushless Racing Drone Accessories:
1pc P200 Drone
1pc FS-I6 Transmitter
4pcs Brushless Motor
4pcs ESC
8pcs blades (4045)
1pc Skyline 32 flight control
1pc 5.8G 48CH 600mW Real-Time Emission
1pc FPV Camera
1pc Gopro Supporter
1pc 5.8G Antenna
1pc battery
1pc charger with balance 1pc manual


Thought it was the ccd, but you have a cmos camera. It looks looks to me like the cmos sensor.
Thanks, guys! I'm thinking camera too. Of course it's a cheapy camera with the wires going inside the camera housing, no connector. I guess I'll see what camera I can get for it.

Well I'm a little out of my league here. But I get paid to troubleshoot and repair (electrical) equipment. I prefer to actually prove the damaged gear by testing before replacing. But since I am outa-my league. We might have to revert to being a simple "parts changer". tOG could be right about the snow in the picture. But it would truly $--K to change it out and still hve the snow. If both the camera and the vTx have gone bad at the same time, I would be looking for a "root cause".

Before I started changing any more parts, I would:
1) Determine the operating voltage of both the camera and Tx - either by researching the quad specifications. Or by looking at the circuit boards that the gear is connected to.
2) Using a digital multi meter - check to see if the voltage is correct.

This will not tell you if the filters are still good. But it will verify the voltage is correct.
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Im fairly sure it's the cmos sensor. Next camera get a cdd you will be much happier.
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I got it fixed. Replaced the camera with a cheap $16 600TVL camera and it's back up again. Thanks, guys!


Hello Guys,

I have a Rise Vusion 250, it comes with a 600TVL camera, Input Voltage: 3.6-5.5V Working Current: 550mA (5V).
The issue I'm having is that the image gets out in a monochromatic pink color. I ve tried changing the channel but the problem remains.
I'm new in this, don't know if I should replace it or if theres a problem with some other part.

I'm not very educated on component level troubleshooting so my opinion would be to try a different camera. You will want a spare camera around anyway. Get a cheap one, it'll at least let you see if that's the issue. Same thing with the VTX, it's a part that you'll want to have on hand anyway. Check the connections for your camera and VTX before you order new ones. If you're careful and you match up the connectors properly, swapping the old with the new will be very easy. If you don't match up the connectors you'll be cutting and soldering wires.


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